Monday, October 22, 2012

Balinese mask dance

Balinese mask dance

Balinese mask dance is closely associated with the life of a religious ritual in Bali. This dance contains a high spiritual value, with the feel of a very high magic. Therefore, this dance is not danced randomly in public. Only in certain activities topen dance in drag. But for the kind of dance that includes Balinese mask dance creations, we will be able to see it in the many arts performances there do Bali.

Balinese mask dance dancers must use masks, to dance, because that's called a mask dance. This mask is made of wood which is considered the best choice by its maker. Type of wood used is considered holy and sacred. In making was not in vain when determining the day. Kerkadang made a certain ceremonies while starting to make masks.

The mask used by dancers, some dancers cover the entire face, there are also only covers parts of the face dancers. And sometimes the dancers have more than one mask, and used interchangeably when dancing, depending on the type of characters played. If tika see dancers directly, then we will feel amazed, because the masked dancers are able to play different characters in one episode of dance.

Balinese mask dances that are sacred, danced in religious activities that are great. Danced in the temple, in a house that does a great ritual.

The type of mask dances that are just for entertainment. This dance is usually loaded with a joke. In his public performances were watched by many people.

Mask dances usually tell the ancient Hindu myths and stories of ancient Hindu epic. The story of the Mahabharata and Ramayana, as well as the stories of the ancient Balinese Hindu mythology. With the goal of educating and religious knowledge to the people who watch the Balinese mask dance.