Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3 most favorite beaches in Bali

3 most favorite beaches in Bali

Bali has many beautiful beaches. Various kinds of charming beach. Beach for surfing the high waves, and a variety of water games, owned by the beach in Bali. With a range of support facilities. No one if Bali is the paradise of the lovers of the sea and the beach.

Bali's southern region, most of the white sandy beaches. So that is the main attraction for tourists, and is growing rapidly. Many entrepreneurs are competing to do business in coastal areas in southern Bali.

In Bali, tourists can find many beautiful beaches and very cool, but it distinctive culture that is still awake, make tourists feel more comforted.

From some of the beaches in Bali, there are 3 best beaches, in my opinion, from the many beaches in Bali:

1) Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach is a white sandy beach, and is the best beach in Bali, and most visited by tourists. There is an assumption, "is incomplete if it does not come to visit Bali Kuta beach". Besides can see the sunset, the tourists can also surf. Kuta beach is often held events interesting and entertaining.

2) Dreamland Beach
This beach has beautiful white sand, blue sea is clean. But to come to this beach, you have to pass a pretty tough terrain, this place is one of the preferred places foreign tourists. Because atmosphere quieter than Kuta beach. It is suitable for tourists who vacation with his girlfriend.

3) Sanur Beach
Sanur beach is different from others, the beach is very comfortable and not too crowded. Complete resorts that make it a favorite of many visitors. For those who like quiet, Sanur is the best place. The beaches are favored by tourists who have old age.

In all these beaches, you can enjoy the sunset in the afternoon. The sunset was as if drowning in the sea.