Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bali the best island in Asia

Bali the best island in Asia

World travel magazines, Conde Nast Traveler (CN Traveler), conduct a poll, the poll showed the best island in Asia. The results of the poll conducted magazine, placing the island of Bali in the first position, as the best island in Asia, of a row of ten best islands as published by the magazine.

10 best island in Asia in 2012 version of Conde Nast Traveler:
1. Bali, Indonesia
2. Phuket, Thailand
3. Luzon, Philippines
4. Langkawi, Malaysia
5. Koh Samui, Thailand
6. Hokkaido, Japan
7. Cebu, Philippines
8. Borneo, Malaysia
9. Lombok, Indonesia
10. Mindanao, Philippines

Bali was crowned as the best island in 2012, with a rating of 81.8. A very high value. Landscape of Bali received a rating of 90.4. While the friendliness of the island of Bali received 90.9 rating. A very high value. And the mood for a holiday in Bali has a rating of 87.8. Lodging in Bali received a rating of 86.9.

From these values, it seems clear that Bali is well-liked by tourists. In addition because the scenery is very beautiful Bali, Bali also has a very friendly community, so that tourists are very pleased with Bali. Culture in Bali which is very unique, it is also a distinct fascination with the island other destinations. Culture that is unique and dynamic, making the island of Bali as a tourist destination with all its beauty.

In addition to the natural beauty of Bali, and a variety of unique art and culture, facilities and tourist accommodation in Bali is also very supportive of the highest grades of the polls. According to the tourist, hotel, resort, and a variety of hotels in Bali, is preferable by tourists. Because the atmosphere is very comfortable, and the location of many hotels in Bali, which is located on the cliffs, mountains and other beautiful places, well-liked by tourists.

In addition to the island of Bali is part of Indonesia, there is an island in the list of 10 best island in Asia, the island of Lombok. Being in position 9, Lombok get as much as 73.5 rating. Undeniably, the island of Lombok has views that are also capable of making a lot of tourists spellbound. Cleanliness of the beach and sea in Lombok, commendable


Wayang Balinese puppets

Wayang is a two-dimensional puppets made ​​of cowhide leather or other materials, which draw upon resemble humans or other display. Wayang performances in Bali is inseparable from the life of the Hindu tradition and religion, on which the life of the Balinese. And current developments in Bali, wayang increasingly leads to material life and business.

Wayang staged and played by one person. Accompanied by an assistant in charge of preparing the dolls. Also accompanied by musical instruments of the Balinese. To be staging a wayang atmosphere becomes more exciting and alive.

There are many types of staging wayang in Bali. Depending on the nature of the play, and why the play. However wayang more often staged as hindu religious rituals. Sometimes also wayang staged moments that are entertainment events.

Wayang for the people of Bali is art that not everyone can play it, because it is sacred. It is very difficult stage wayang otherwise have the expertise and talent. For a story in staging plays wayang emotions and thoughts can affect the audience.

One group of artists a waayang the most famous and loved by the people of Bali are wayang artist named Wayang Cengblong. These artists are very good at staging a wayang. Theme of the story is delivered is very interesting and entertaining, and adapted to environmental conditions such as wayang staged.

Tornado destroyed the house and temple in Denpasar

Tornado with a speed of about 20 knots, occurs in Denpasar in the morning, at about 04.00 am, Wednesday, October 31, 2012. Occurred Jl. Seroja, Denpasar.

Tornado destroys 3 houses and a temple that no region Jl. Seroja, Denpasar. Of the three homes were damaged, most of the damage occurred on the roof of the house. And wood tiles on the roof crashing winds up falling. There is one car that participated slammed by wind.

In the event, the temple is conducting religious rituals. So the ritual is interrupted by catastrophic winds, and even lead to the destruction of the temple.

There were no casualties in the incident, but estimated losses in the millions of dollars.

Jineng, Balinese traditional house

Jineng, Balinese traditional house
Balinese traditional house, is closely related to natural resources in Bali. Since the beginning of the Balinese life is inseparable from nature, and nature is a necessity of life for the people of Bali. And manufacture of home as well as the layout and position of the people of Bali are also influenced by life in nature.

Besides nature, Balinese house making, was also deployment by Hindu culture. Since most of the Balinese Hindus, the Hindu deployment of the basis for the development of the tradition and culture of Bali.

Balinese traditional house has many types and uses. Created by different functions. Still referring to the elements of nature and Hindu deployment. And most affected by the Balinese who initially mostly work as farmers in the fields. So the house making is also very concerned with the activities of the Balinese who work as farmers.

Of the many types of traditional Balinese house there, the most unique is Jineng. Jineng is a small house rice harvest storage. Rice kept in Jineng order for rice to be stored properly and durable. As temperatures warm air inside Jineng.

Jineng shaped like houses on stilts, which consists of four or six poles. The roof of a Jineng, triangular, who had the room with one door. Under the roof of a Jineng is a hall as a place to sit back and relax.

But now, Jineng function has changed. Because of the changing times, and the use of technology is increasingly widespread, so that the processing and storage of grain more easily and quickly. That's why the function and use a Jineng changed. Currently used as a Jineng unique bed for some people. The space that was once the roof of a Jineng as a storage of rice, now serves as a bed.

For Bali, making Jineng is a very lucrative industry. Since the product is a commodity export Jineng best for Bali.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Full Moon in October, is the best day to Melaspas

Melaspas in 29 Oktober 2012

Melaspas is a religious ritual that is often performed by Hindus in Bali, as a way to express gratitude to God and the universe and its contents, which contains the cleansing ritual or a new building, of all negative energy, which can disturb the peace of people living in around the building.

This October is the best day for Balinese Hindus to perform the ritual Melaspas. Especially when the full moon at the end of October yesterday. Many Balinese have a new home do the ritual. With the aim that they dwell in the house gets comfort.

Yesterday I was with the whole extended family, attending ritual Melaspas, Batubulan village, at my uncle's new house.

Ritual that we did for a long time, because since the morning, we continue to provide all means of ritual. Constrained the weather was very hot, we had to finish the ritual before midnight.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mecaru ceremony

Mecaru ceremony in Bali

Mecaru ceremony in Bali is a sacred ritual that is often held to harmonize the relationship between humans and the surrounding environment. Aiming to create mutual understanding and relationships that are conducive to the sustainability of the next life. In order to perform the mecaru ceremony humans can live in peace, harmony, between man and nature. Caru meaning beautiful, or harmonious.

Mecaru ceremony
Mecaru often performed by the Balinese at certain times, such as before the celebration of Nyepi, after the completion of construction of a house / temple, after a bad incident in a village, and so on. With the aim to purify any kind of dirt that is in the neighborhood of man, so that man can live in harmony in nature.

Mecaru ceremony serves to inculcate noble values ​and spiritual to mankind, especially the Balinese, in order to always maintain the harmony of nature, the environment and its contents. The meaning of the ceremony is the duty of human mecaru caring nature of God is likened to sports bodies in the embodiment of the universe and its contents.

In conducting the mecaru ceremony, usually use a lot of offerings. Offerings such as meat, chicken, cow, buffalo, depending on the degree mecaru ceremony. Sometimes can spend a very large cost. But apart from that, for a good, substantial funds are not a problem.

God provides many abundant natural resources, it is appropriate that we keep, and preserve, for the sake of our collective survival. From the mecaru ceremony, we as human beings are required to always remember, and give thanks for all that has been given by God to us all.

Meracu in Merajan

Tirta Gangga Karangasem

Tirta Gangga Karangasem

Tirta Gangga is a bathing place, which has several pools, with water so clear and fresh. Tirta Gangga water park located in Karangasem regency, Ababi village, about 83 km from Denpasar, or 6 miles to the north Amlapura.

Previously, the water park is a place for bathing Tirta Gangga family of the Kingdom of Karangasem. But now the function as a tourist destination. It is specialized for baths tourists who want to bathe in this park. But still managed and owned by descendants of the family of the Kingdom of Karangasem.

Tirta Gangga water park atmosphere is very cool, because the area is surrounded by green fields and boutiques. The air was fresh and very natural. Anyone can visit this place. But we have to pay an entrance fee to be able to bathe in the park. It is suitable for tourists who want to just unwind.

Tirta Gangga statute
Tirta Gangga water park built in 1948, on the initiative of the King of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem. Water park architecture is a combination of Balinese and Chinese architectural styles. Before you build a water park, water resources have been there before, which is used by people to meet their basic needs for water. Extensive water park is 1.2 hectares, consists of three levels, which uses the concept of Hinduism.

Tirta Gangga water park is great for freeing yourself from the hot weather because the weather in this area is pretty hot. Leisurely stroll or dip your feet into cold water so much fun, or take some photos of the beautiful sights.

Kuta Beach is very beautiful in the afternoon

Kuta Beach is very beautiful in the afternoon

If you want to visit Kuta beach, came in the afternoon, around 3 pm. When up in the Kuta area, park your vehicle in the center of Kuta parking. Then walk through the streets of Legian Kuta. Should you pass ground zero Kuta, Bali bombing memorial place.

In the area of Jalan Legian Kuta, it was very crowded at all. Many foreign tourists passing through this road. And this place is the center of entertainment and trade in Kuta. Jalan Legian is very narrow, if using a car through it, would be stuck in traffic. So the walk was the right decision to enjoy Kuta.

Walking toward the south, toward the beach of Kuta. Along the way you will find many restaurants and shops, kiosks clothing, surf gear, swim gear, beach clothes, and so on. Buy a bathing suit or beach dress, which you can use when arriving at Kuta beach.

To reach the beach of Kuta, Kuta parking lot of the center area, it takes about 30 minutes if you walk away. But if you walk along the streets enjoying the atmosphere, it takes about an hour. So, if we walk from the center of the parking lot, heading to Kuta beach, from 3 pm, is expected to arrive in Kuta beach, about 4 pm.

On arriving at Kuta beach, you should enjoy the beach  atmosphere with walking, bathing, water play, learn to surf, or just sit and drink, while waiting for the sunset.

If you want to try surfing, surfing frontier can hire numerous in Kuta beach. There are also various water equipment rental and swimming.

When the afternoon, before sunset, you should sit down with a drink that can be purchased beach area. Or you along the coast from the east end to west, looking at the sun.

When the sun began to set, take advantage of this atmosphere to take pictures with family or friends. Since the sunset on Kuta beach is very beautiful so this moment not to be missed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Miss Scuba International 2012 held in Bali

Miss Scuba International 2012 held in Bali
Miss Scuba International is a contest in sport diving, underwater tourism, and conservation of the oceans. With the aim to promote marine tourism and convey to the world, so that we always preserve the sea. And aims to promote marine sports, and underwater tours, as well as encouraging conservation efforts of marine life and beaches.

Miss Scuba International year themed "Saving Oceans Through Beauty". This event will certainly have a positive impact of tourism in Bali. Participants MSI 2012 from Indonesia will be represented Yovita Liwanuru Ayu.

Miss Scuba International has held one time. And that will present performances in the title in Bali, on 19 to 30 November 2012, is the second time performances. The first stop in Malaysia, this time into an opportunity for the two Bali to host.

Initially, Miss Scuba International number of participants only five countries. But this time has reached 21 countries, which will follow this event. And will be followed by hundreds of young women who have the best skills in the maritime field.

To enter the contest Miss Scuba International, applicants are not required to dive smart. The general criteria set is has a height 165 cm, age 18-25 years old, unmarried, like swimming, can speak English very well, and are willing to be trained diving when finally elected.

This year's grand final will be held in Sanur, Bali. Grand final on 30 November 2012. Total overall prize competitions Miss Scuba International 2012 is U.S. $ 45,000. In addition to earning money, the winner of Miss Scuba International around the world also have the opportunity to explore the diving spots and promote the beauty of the underwater world.

Bali is a favorite destination for vacationers

According to the famous tourist site,, in any searches made by tourists at the site, Bali occupies the top position. Bali is an island that became one of the most sought after as a tourist destination. And Seminyak area that is a favorite.

Here is the top 10 cities to be visited by tourists, based on the highest search results on the site

1. Seminyak, Bali Indonesia
2. New York City, United States
3. Paris, France
4. Singapore
5. London, UK
6. Honolulu, United States
7. Kuta, Bali Indonesia
8. Bangkok, Thailand
9. Ubud, Bali Indonesia
10. Patong, Thailand

Seminyak Bali, which is the region's top entertainment and trade ranks first. And Kuta which is an international city ranks seventh. Then Ubud is famous for its culture and arts village in Bali, finished ninth.

From these data, showing tourism industry in Bali is getting better and progressing well. After the Bali bomb attacks that have made ​Bali's tourism industry worse off.

3 most favorite beaches in Bali

3 most favorite beaches in Bali

Bali has many beautiful beaches. Various kinds of charming beach. Beach for surfing the high waves, and a variety of water games, owned by the beach in Bali. With a range of support facilities. No one if Bali is the paradise of the lovers of the sea and the beach.

Bali's southern region, most of the white sandy beaches. So that is the main attraction for tourists, and is growing rapidly. Many entrepreneurs are competing to do business in coastal areas in southern Bali.

In Bali, tourists can find many beautiful beaches and very cool, but it distinctive culture that is still awake, make tourists feel more comforted.

From some of the beaches in Bali, there are 3 best beaches, in my opinion, from the many beaches in Bali:

1) Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach is a white sandy beach, and is the best beach in Bali, and most visited by tourists. There is an assumption, "is incomplete if it does not come to visit Bali Kuta beach". Besides can see the sunset, the tourists can also surf. Kuta beach is often held events interesting and entertaining.

2) Dreamland Beach
This beach has beautiful white sand, blue sea is clean. But to come to this beach, you have to pass a pretty tough terrain, this place is one of the preferred places foreign tourists. Because atmosphere quieter than Kuta beach. It is suitable for tourists who vacation with his girlfriend.

3) Sanur Beach
Sanur beach is different from others, the beach is very comfortable and not too crowded. Complete resorts that make it a favorite of many visitors. For those who like quiet, Sanur is the best place. The beaches are favored by tourists who have old age.

In all these beaches, you can enjoy the sunset in the afternoon. The sunset was as if drowning in the sea.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Balinese mask dance

Balinese mask dance

Balinese mask dance is closely associated with the life of a religious ritual in Bali. This dance contains a high spiritual value, with the feel of a very high magic. Therefore, this dance is not danced randomly in public. Only in certain activities topen dance in drag. But for the kind of dance that includes Balinese mask dance creations, we will be able to see it in the many arts performances there do Bali.

Balinese mask dance dancers must use masks, to dance, because that's called a mask dance. This mask is made of wood which is considered the best choice by its maker. Type of wood used is considered holy and sacred. In making was not in vain when determining the day. Kerkadang made a certain ceremonies while starting to make masks.

The mask used by dancers, some dancers cover the entire face, there are also only covers parts of the face dancers. And sometimes the dancers have more than one mask, and used interchangeably when dancing, depending on the type of characters played. If tika see dancers directly, then we will feel amazed, because the masked dancers are able to play different characters in one episode of dance.

Balinese mask dances that are sacred, danced in religious activities that are great. Danced in the temple, in a house that does a great ritual.

The type of mask dances that are just for entertainment. This dance is usually loaded with a joke. In his public performances were watched by many people.

Mask dances usually tell the ancient Hindu myths and stories of ancient Hindu epic. The story of the Mahabharata and Ramayana, as well as the stories of the ancient Balinese Hindu mythology. With the goal of educating and religious knowledge to the people who watch the Balinese mask dance.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Goa Lawah Temple, bats cave in Bali

Goa Lawah Temple, bats cave in Bali

Goa Lawah Temple located in Klungkung regency, on the side of the highway to the port of Padang Bai, 3 km to the east of the Kusamba beach. Klungkung at the seaside, which is the largest producer of sea salt in Bali. Because the sea water in the Goa Lawah Temple, has the highest salt content in Bali.

Goa Lawah Temple is one of the temples in Bali which has a significant meaning for Balinese Hindus. Because when Balinese cremation ceremony finished, they should pray in this temple. As at the time of my grandmother's cremation ceremony. After my grandmother's body cremated, and his ashes taken to the sea, then we pray to the great pretend in Bali, Goa Lawah Temple this one.

Goa Lawah Temple, is a temple located in a cave. Cave inhabited by bats (Lawah = bat). Bats are very numerous and are always out and go into the cave. The sound is very noisy bats is characteristic of the temple.

Almost every day Balinese Hindus, there came to the Goa Lawah Temple. Sometimes on certain days a lot of people who came. They come from different districts of Bali, to perform cremation ceremonies related activities that they do.

The air condition in the Goa Lawah Temple very hot. Since it is a coastal area. But we can enjoy the fresh air in the temple area has a great abundance of trees and shade.

In the temple area there is also a large hall that can be utilized for shelter and rest. If we feel hungry, do not worry, there are plenty of stalls selling food at area Goa Lawah Temple. Many sellers also cold drinks, and the most interesting is the vending of young coconuts.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pre Wedding photo shoot in Bali

Pre Wedding photo shoot in Bali
Pre wedding for Balinese is something new. Because tradition is never inherited by the ancestors of the Balinese. There are many activities and the type done at pre-wedding. Like the pre-wedding photo shoot.

This month, October, is the best month to do a wedding for Balinese Hindus, according to the Balinese calendar. Since the conclusion of this month is the wedding, so many pre widding shooting activities conducted by the bridal couple. It is estimated there are hundreds of people who get married in Hindu Bali this October. And also there are hundreds of couples who do the shooting pre widding.

Bali has many places to do pre-wedding photo shoot. Since Bali has a very beautiful natural studio and complete. There are mountains, beaches, lakes, fields, ancient buildings, temples, temples, and more pre-wedding photo shoot locations.

Everyone already knows, that the beaches in Bali has a very exotic beauty. Some coastal locations in Bali that is suitable for pre-wedding photo shoot is: Tegal Wangi Beach, Jimbaran, Padang-padang Beach, Beach Balangan, Blue Point Beach, Dreamland Beach, Geger Beach, Nusa Dua, and much more.

Cliffs, rocks and hills
Cliffs, hills, or corals in Bali is unique so that it can give different shades on each outcome pre-wedding photos. include: Secret Point, Kutuh, Tegal Wangi, Jimbaran, Dreamland, Labuan Sait, Geger Beach, and Sawangan in Nusadua and corals former eruption of Mount Batur, Kintamani.

Temples and ancient buildings of Balinese architecture
Balinese architecture is very unique and beautiful, so the pre-wedding photos with the background of Balinese architecture, very thick with the image of Bali. Some suitable locations for shooting, among others: GunungKawi, Bali Museum, Art Centre, Bajra Sandi Renon, Ulundanu Pura Bedugul, Tirtha Ganges, and Parks Edge.

Lake and Mountain
In Bali, in general, the lake and the mountain side by side, so that the shooting can be done against the background of the lake, as well as a mountain. Some very nice location for pre-wedding photo shoot, among others: the Mount Batur and lake in Kintamani, Bedugul with lake Beratan and his Ulundanu Temple, Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake that its location adjacent to Buyan Lake.

Rice field
Rice fields in Bali is very famous for its terraced rice paddies or terraces. Rice field in Bali that are suitable for photo locations are: Ubud, Jatiluwih, Pupuan, as well as rice fields in Sidemen village of Karangasem.

Nature or other natural
the wide variety of options for the location of pre-wedding photos in Bali natural shades, other than those already mentioned above, such as the Flower Garden Bedugul, Monkey Forest Ubud, Gitgit  Waterfall, Pine Forest Bedugul and Kintamani, bamboo forests in Bangli, mangroves (mangrove) in Denpasar / Badung river / Tukad Unda Klungkung and rivers in the area Jatiluwih Bali.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Balinese Wedding ceremony in October 2012

Balinese Wedding ceremony in October 2012
Procurement Balinese wedding ceremony is always performed concurrently. Almost throughout Bali, wedding ceremonies conducted simultaneously in a given month. Since the ceremony is based on a good day, according to the Balinese calendar.

This year, a good day to do a wedding there in April and October. In April, it was estimated there were hundreds of people getting married on the same day and in the same month. Also in October, the Balinese wedding ceremony performed concurrently and simultaneously nearly all areas of Bali. And the best day is on October 17, 2012. While many who perform wedding ceremonies on different days.

In my village there are dozens of people who perform wedding ceremonies on the same day. I was quite overwhelmed by the invitation of friends who invited me. But fortunately, an invitation to a wedding ceremony is not a long time.

In Bali, while attending a wedding invitation, or attending a wedding reception, a very short and do not need to take a long time. Because we can come to the wedding reception at any time in accordance with a predetermined timeframe. So it will not take much of our time.

Weather in Bali is now the rainy season

Weather in Bali in advance how the summertime. Season causes dryness in various areas of Bali. Water crisis in the north Bali. Rice fields drought, so farmers lose money.

But in October, the dry season has been replaced by the rainy season. Since a few days the rain has started to fall in nearly all areas of Bali. The river has started to fill with water.

Farmers have prepared farm. Most likely this season, farmers will plant rice. Since the past few months in the dry season, there is no farmer who grows rice, because there is no water due to drought.

Possibly it will be the rainy season floods. Flooding will occur in nearly all areas of Bali, especially in urban areas. Since the forests in the mountains of Bali much bald. That rainwater is not absorbed into the soil, but flows directly into the river which can lead to flooding in low-lying areas in the urban area.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Last, Bali bombing memorial

Today is dated October 12, 2012, even 10 years of the first Bali bombings, which occurred in Legian Kuta. Bali bombings Memorial held at GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana). It is a memorial to Australians who last held in Bali. Memorial Day ceremony was attended by hundreds of the victims' families, and survivors when tragedy. Australians in Bali, also came to the pedestal, to attend the commemoration.

Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, attended the ceremony. Heard rumors that the memorial is under threat by terrorists. Terrorists will detonate the bomb in the event. But the Prime Minister of Australia remained attend, because it is the last memorial ceremony.

Responding to terrorist bombings, the Indonesian government sought to stay safe condition, including to keep the leaders of other countries. Evidence of the seriousness of the Indonesian government, through the Indonesian police in maintaining security at Bali bombings memorial, proved to have done a variety of security measures. Such as custody and supervision in the harbor Gilimanuk, held raids on roadway Denpasar-Gilimanuk, keeping strictly GWK area.

Prime Minister of Australia arrived in Bali last night. He was guarded closely by the Indonesian police and the Australian police. It is not known exactly where he was staying.

Indonesia's president could not attend the memorial ceremony. But only represented by the Foreign Minister, Marty Natalegawa. It is not known with certainty, what is the reason that the president of Indonesia can not attend the commemoration.

Since yesterday, the Bali bombings memorial at ground zero legian, has been visited by many visitors. There are also families who came and laying flowers at the monument. The monument is always crowded visited by travelers ahead of the Bali bombings. The victims' families brought a bouquet of flowers and put under the walls of the monument. Someone put photos of victims, others carrying wreaths.

Survivors and families of victims of Australia, Indonesia and the countries whose citizens became victims of the Bali bombings gathered and prayed together at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), Friday, October 12, 2012.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) Bali

Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) Bali

Goa Gajah or "Elephant Cave", located in the western village of Bedulu, Blahbatuh district, Gianyar, Bali. If taken from the city of Denpasar, the distance is about 27 km, with a travel time of about an hour, if not stuck in traffic. Because this time, the path to the Elephant Cave highly congested by vehicles, from anywhere. When I get there, from the city of Denpasar, it takes about 1.5 hours. Due to heavy traffic on the road to get there.

Gua Gajah or foreign tourists often call it the "Elephant Cave", located in the village of my grandfather's birthplace. When my grandfather was a kid, he used to graze his cattle in the Elephant Cave. At that time, the Elephant Cave is not as busy now. My grandfather cheer, formerly used as the region's tourism industry, there are full of large trees. There are many rice fields. But now, it is very crowded, because of the development that became a tourist destination.

The atmosphere in the court of Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) is very comfortable, with fresh air, surrounded by large trees and shade
Based on the story of his grandfather, Goa Gajah name comes from the word "Lwa" and "Gajah". Which is the place to be imprisoned priests. Words Lwa, or Lwah (Loh), meaning river. So at first, the name has a meaning hermitage located on the river, the Gajah river, or in Gajah water, and a hermitage for pastors who worship the god of Shiva.

Upon entering the tourist area of ​​Elephant Cave, there is a very wide car park, which is surrounded by stalls selling souvenirs and food fresh. Elephant Cave is located at the bottom of the cliff. We have to go through the steps, to go down to the court of the cave. Not much, only about 50 yards from the parking area.

If the local people who came there, with the goal of worship, will not be charged admission. If a tourist, entry fee for Rp.15000 for local tourists, and Rp. 30 000 for foreign tourists.

Swimming baths is king in Goa Gajah
The atmosphere in the court of Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) is very comfortable, with fresh air, surrounded by large trees and shade. The region includes the plantation. There are two ponds in front of the cave. Previously, since the Elephant Cave made, swimming baths is king. Adjacent to the eastern area of ​​the cave, there is a large river, its water is very clear and cool. The river is used as a place for bathing and drinking water for people living in the region. Hopefully this situation is maintained forever.

Cave is unique, because the walls cave in chisel resemble a human face, with eyes turning to right, but creepy. The width and height of the cave holes just for two people only. On the left and right side of the cave decorated with two statues. The statue is as if keeping the side of the cave. We are not allowed to occupy the statue. Do not also touch the head of the statue. For the sake of the sanctity of the statue, and not until something happens to us after doing things forbidden to the statue.

Three Linga is probably a relic of one of the Hindu sect of Siwa Pasupata, in Goa GajahUpon entering the cave, the situation is very dark inside. Along the side of the cave there are small holes. It is estimated these holes is imprisoned. Hole cave from the outside until the end of the cave, has a length of approximately 30 meters. Shaped "T" at the end of the cave.

When it reaches the end of the Elephant Cave, in the eastern part of the cave, there are three Linga, lined up in one place. Each Linga, surrounded by eight small phallus. In Hindu tradition, it is Linga shrine, a symbol of worship of Lord Shiva, as a manifestation of God. Three Linga is probably a relic of one of the Hindu sect of Siwa Pasupata.

Elephant Cave hand the other end, there is a statue of the elephant-headed, that statue of Ganesha. For the Hindus, Lord Ganesh is the god of science.

Apart from being a tourist destination, Elephant Cave is also a temple and often called Elephant Cave Temple. I came when it was held the ceremony. That temple ceremony at the Temple Elephant Cave.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tipat war

Tipat war (perang tipat), Balinese people often call with Siat Tipat Bantal
Tipat war (perang tipat), Balinese people often call with Siat Tipat Bantal, is a tradition which is always done by people in Kapal village, Badung regency. To the end that human welfare is always given by God.

Tipat is rice wrapped in coconut leaves. Thousands tipat used in this tradition. Tipat made ​​by each family. Tipat is then used to perang tipat.

This activity is very unique, exciting, and fun for local residents who do. Because there is only joy. There is no hate and revenge.

There are two groups that will fight. Groups of eastern and western groups. They are throwing tipat. Tipat thrown until exhausted.

After tipat thrown out, which has tipat used up is then taken and fed to livestock.

Perang tipat usually takes place every September and October. Because of the month, based on the Balinese calendar, coinciding with the month Kapat.

Kuta Karnival 2012 themed 'Prosperity World'

Kuta Karnival held at Kuta beach area. This activity was his 10th since 2003. Kuta Karnival year begins today, October 10, to October 14, 2012. This big event theme is "Prosperity World". Indicating that the world's economy and tourism industry in Bali has led to prosperity after the Bali bomb attacks that could make the Balinese economy slumped.

Parade opening event of artistic creativity Kuta Karnival X, followed about 1,200 participants. Kuta Karnival festival time is almost the same as in previous years, it's just different this time is very much the participants who took part in this activity. So activity this time looks great and grand.

There are various events that are very entertaining visitors Kuta, such as the music festival by local bands, festival food from hotels and restaurants in the Kuta area, kite festival on Kuta beach, surfing contest by surfers from different countries, "Paddle for Peace "by local surfers, releasing hatchlings that can be followed by all people and tourists, as an expression of love for the sea turtle preservation and conservation, and a unique competition for the servants who worked in the area of ​​Kuta.

Each course of Kuta Karnival activities, the number of tourist arrivals to Bali each year is increasing. It marked the event was very interesting and loved by tourists, especially by foreign tourists.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kuta Karnival X

Balinese girls in Kuta Karnival
Kuta Karnival 10th, will take place on October 10 until October 14, 2012. And will take place just as the Bali Bombing memorial will be held at GWK on 12 October 2012.

Currently, the condition of the tourism industry in Bali has been greatly improved. With the annual event is expected to develop the ability of tourism industry workers, to be creative to improve its quality. Improve Balinese artistic creativity, and global in general. Although still in the same format in each year. Implementation of these activities as well as a forum for creativity, as well as a place to learn to organize for all workers of tourism in Bali.

In this activity, everyone had the opportunity to demonstrate his abilities, and explore opportunities for potential designation, to be known the world community. Because Kuta is a world tourist destination. As in last year's Kuta Karnival activities, there is a new emerging designers, and appeared in the Kuta Karnival event, he blessed, so it became famous. So, this event is a great opportunity for anyone, to shows his true identity, and the scene of learning by the public.

Kuta Karnival is always centered on Kuta Beach, is also proving to be a young musician showed the ability of the Balinese people.

Kuta Karnival able to inspire, so that similar festivals popping up all over Indonesia. This activity can also strengthen the tourism industry in Bali.

Kuta Karnival

Kuta Kanival in Bali
Kuta Karnival is one of the many annual festivals in Bali, which is held in Kuta, Bali, usually held in September or October, and is the most important activity for industrial tourism in Indonesia. Procurement Kuta carnival centered on Kuta beach, and the main attraction for tourists who come to Bali, even the main attraction for people to come to Bali. Filled with a variety of exciting activities. So it is not surprising that in every single show this festival can invite admiration of many immigrants and visitors. Since this annual event colorful and filled with excitement, so as to attract tourists from various countries. This event is always eagerly anticipated by foreign and domestic tourists visiting Bali, especially in Kuta beach.

Kuta Karnival is a routine event that began in 2003, after the Bali bombings, which could dampen the tourism industry in Bali, resulting in fewer foreign tourists to come to Bali. As the interest for the tourists coming to Bali is reduced, the local government had the idea to make the show interesting, but different. Then came the idea to create a performance that a named Kuta Karnival.

Kuta Karnival included in international event  This event should help attract tourists to come to Bali in September and October. Months before the Bali bombings. The festival is really dynamic and full of color, has a unique charm, because participants were not the only people of Bali and Balinese art, but also a variety of art from abroad come to be part of this festival.

In addition to performances of Balinese art, the activities of Kuta Karnival also filled by performances of local bands and international, from a variety of musical tastes, such as Hip Hop, Punk, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues and Ethnic along the coast of Kuta and Legian. A parade was also held on the highway, which was followed by the dancers, gamelan, floats, decorated bicycles, scooter clubs and other motor clubs, decorated carts, etc.. This event was also attended by local businesses and Balinese community groups. Also there are various competitions, such as surfing and skateboarding competitions, iron man, rowing race, and the race pool.

The visitors were also entertained with live music performances, on stage by the beach, along with a DJ selection, fashion shows, world-class bartender service, cabaret and many others. Kuta Karnival also offers food stalls and children's entertainment arena with entertainment clown, learn how to make crafts, decorate balloons and various other games. Visitors can also taste the exotic Indonesian cuisine in this festival.

Times during the Kuta Karnival is a time to enjoy with friends and family. Kuta Karnival is a time to take a break from the daily routine. For foreign tourists, Kuta Karnival is an exciting and entertaining event.

Monday, October 8, 2012

BoA in Bali for shooting

BoA in Bali for shooting

Korean star, BoA, come to Bali to live photoshoot for InStyle magazine. Not much information is obtained about coming to Bali. However, the information is known of the contents of Tweeter, which he wrote last October 5.

In the role in his Tweeter account, he included a photo. BoA appears wearing a black hat made ​​of thick fur. Hats that look suitable to welcome winter to arrive in Korea.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kuta international city

Kuta international city
Kuta is a favorite tourist destination. Everyone who comes to Bali, Kuta definitely want to visit. Especially visit Kuta beach is very popular in foreign countries. Because, if you come to Bali, is not complete if not visited Kuta and the beach. Though only for a moment and just across the street in Kuta area, especially near the Kuta beach road.

People of any country in Kuta, people from Australia, the Americans, the Germans, the French, the British, the Japanese, the Chinese, Indians, Africans, everyone in Kuta. And very deservedly dubbed Kuta international city.

If we come to Kuta, and through the streets of Kuta, Bali's atmosphere was not, but a western country. Since most people who enjoy Kuta is a tourist white with blonde hair. When compared with the local people, very little is visible, only employees shops and stalls are seen. So it was appropriate that Kuta is an international city.

Entering the Kuta beach area, the atmosphere looks increasingly crowded, with different skin color and hair color. People from different countries mingle in a beach.

And if we stay at a hotel in Kuta area, we will also feel the nuances of western countries. Most people who stay at hotels in Kuta are Western tourists were white and blond.

Kuta is very lively, crowded and congestion. The road was very narrow. But the atmosphere has been very enjoyable. There are many entertainment venues in Kuta. Fine restaurants, five star hotels, and so on. That will surely traveled a different experience.

Jalak Bali icon of Jembrana

Jalak Bali icon of Jembrana
Jalak Bali bird, a mascot Jembrana regency. Besides Makepung, which is the indigenous culture Jembrana, and Jembrana mascot. Both are often a mascot in any event that is held in Jembrana.

Jalak Bali frequently and always used as a mascot Jembrana regency, because the bird lives in western Bali, whose territory was in Jembrana regency, which is in the western forests of Bali. Which is konserfasi region.

However, the preservation of critically endangered Jalak Bali birds. Wild population decreases. As a result of poaching. However, there is little attention from those who strive to maintain its sustainability.

Very little support from the government, not as support for cultural preservation Makepung, support from the government to preserve Jalak Bali was minimal. So it is very likely that, sometime Jalak Bali birds will become extinct, like the Bali tiger.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Bunut Bolong Tree

Bunut Bolong Tree

Bunut Bolong is a big banyan tree located in the middle of the road, which has a hole at the bottom of the tree, and the hole into which the vehicle crossing over the road below. Bunutbolong tree, located in the  Bunut Bolong village, Pekutatan, Jembrana regency, Bali. In the middle of the road connecting Jembrana with Buleleng regency, district Pekutatan with Seririt.

Bunut Bolong in Pekutatan
Bunut Bolong tree is unique, because there is a hole in the base of the tree is very large. Holes can be traversed by a large car, such as trucks and buses. The hole is not formed from tree trunks, but formed by roots growing from a tree branch. Because these trees grow alongside the road, and its roots reach into the ground across the road, and the road is often impassable vehicle, then in the middle of the tree roots can not grow bigger.

Bunut Bolong located in the highlands. Temperatures in region of Bunut Bolong quite cool and foggy. Next to the tree is a gap and clove plantations. The scenery is very beautiful gorge with green mountains. It is suitable to be a place of rest at a very tiring trip, when through the area.

In the area Bunut Bolong tree was fit to be a place of rest while traveling away from Jembrana to Buleleng, or vice versa. There is a comfortable sitting area, and is located on the edge of a cliff with a beautiful view and cool air, away from urban pollution. There are also toilets and clean water. The east side of the street, exactly in the south Bunut Bolong  tree, there is a small shop that sells food and drinks warm.

There is something magical that is often told by people who live near Bunut Bolong tree. People who live there say, for whatever Bunut Bolong car through the trees, the car can through it. They believe, the hole in the tree can grow and shrink miraculously. Although no one has ever tested it, but it has never been a car there is a story that can not pass through a hole under a Bunutbolong tree.

If you pass Bunut Bulong, do not forget to stop by and take pictures there as memories. Take the time to shop a little, so that traders who were there to feel the impact Bunut bolong beauty of the area.

Bunut Bolong area