Saturday, September 1, 2012

Three people died after drinking Arak Bali, containing methanol, 16 severe poisoning

Arak Bali killed people
Three villagers Katung, Kintamani, Bangli, died after drinking Arak Bali, traditional alcoholic beverages, believed to contain methanol. Two victims died after being admitted to the General Hospital Center Sanglah, Denpasar. One other person died before receiving treatment. And 16 people have been very severe poisoning.

Based on information obtained from a variety of media, the dead, had been drinking Arak Bali since last two days. Arak Bali drinking event was attended dozens of villagers. The citizens of this kind of wine drinking in significant amounts.

Arak Bali party held on Friday, at night, in the house of a villager. A few hours later, they experienced dizziness and vomiting, seeing his condition did not improve, then they were taken to the hospital.

Most of the victims were hospitalized this Sanglah all experience symptoms of nausea, headache and dizzy outlook. While people were killed when drinking Arak Bali, blindness symptoms.

Allegedly, the Arak Bali taken, mixed with toxic materials. Mixing ingredients is methanol. This was done probably in order to get the effect of the more challenging for the Arak Bali drinkers.