Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Australian Government issued a Travel Warning for not going to Indonosia

The travel warning issued by the Australian government on Thursday, which appealed to its citizens not to come to Indonesia. It was done very reasonable, because the Indonesian police in the space of a few months ago until now, has been doing a lot of arrests of terrorists.

Every day, the average number of tourists visiting Bali up to five thousand tourists from foreign countries, and will double the number when the holiday season arrives. One tourist from Australia, said the government issued a fair warning, but not a problem for him. Bali is still said to be safe and fantastic.

Are tourists who come to Bali not worried about Indonesia. The development of a new terrorist network, led police to eradicate Indonesia overwhelmed.

Although the Australian government issued a ban on its citizens traveling to Indonesia, until now the number of tourists, especially tourists from Australia remain crowded, clearly visible in a very crowded Kuta beach.