Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rangda daydreaming, very funny photo

Rangda daydreaming, very funny photo
Rangda in Balinese mythology, was a creepy evil. The figure of Rangda in Bali made a mask with very long hair, long fangs and large mouths wide, bulging eyes and large breasts hanging in the chest.

In works of art in Bali, Rangda is often displayed in the form of a colossal dance. As the embodiment of evil that often interfere with humans. But in religious rituals, Rangda figure used as the embodiment of ancestral spirits. With the goal of centralization as a means concentration of mind as ancestor worship.

The figure of Rangda is a mask. In the play, Rangda masks worn by a man. No person shall recklessly wear Rangda masks. For the figure of Rangda is very religious and mystical. Before wearing it, do certain rituals, Rangda masks that users do not experience the bad stuff while staging Rangda.

In rural communities, many Balinese believe in the existence of the figure of Rangda. Sometimes at night, Rangda often appear in the darkness. Not uncommon for people to see it. Indeed, the figure does not interfere with human existence.

In the knowledge of black magic in Bali. There is a doctrine of black magic are very popular, and is often practiced by many Balinese. Science is science Ngeleak (Pangleakan).

Many people who study science with the aim of evil and ignorant to people. One of the skills acquired while studying science was able to change into a very scary figure of Rangda.

In the photo above, is a creative photographer. He made a very funny picture Rangda. Because things like the above has ever happened. Never had depicted the Rangda like in the photo.