Monday, September 10, 2012

Lindsay June Sandiford, a grandmother from England, carrying 4.7 kg of cocaine into Bali, facing the death penalty

Bali has always been a destination for drug dealers. Such a short time ago, a British citizen grandmother, June Lindsay Sandiford, who was carrying cocaine drug class I.

If convicted, the penalty of at least 5 years, and a maximum death penalty.

Mrs. Lindsay was arrested by Customs and Excise Ngurah Rai, 28 May, being caught carrying 4.7 kg of cocaine.

From the results of the development, the Bali Police officers also arrested four other suspects, comprising three Britons namely Rachel, Julian, and Paul, as well as citizens of India, Nanda Gophal.

Of these cases, it is seen clearly that Bali is a destination for drug dealers. It is also due to Bali is a world tourist destination, which can not be separated from all that is good and bad.

The case above is a small sample of the number of foreigners arrested for bringing drugs into Bali. Probably not count the number of people who are not caught, and now many drugs circulate in Bali.