Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kuta beach area is increasingly crowded and increasingly jammed roads

Kuta beach area is increasingly crowded and increasingly jammed roads

Kuta is a district, which is growing rapidly become a popular tourist area to the whole world. Kuta region, most notably the South Kuta, which has a white sandy beach, the beach of Kuta.

Nowadays Kuta is very crowded and full of traffic jams everywhere, every street Kuta is very bad everywhere. That is because the supporting infrastructure not keeping pace with the development of tourism accommodation.

The business developer in the fields of tourism, competing to build hotels and other tourist accommodation in Kuta. They do not care about the environmental conditions surrounding the increasingly crowded and congested. Local authorities seemed unable to control it. Kuta community who are unable to follow the flow of tourism development increasingly shifted its existence. Especially the farmers in Kuta.

If we come to Kuta beach, the beach will look like an ant nest, full of activity and number of people. Very calm and quiet transaction can not be felt at Kuta beach, except for the night. Only a few people who were in Kuta beach at night.

Crowded Kuta beach will be felt when the holiday season arrives. Especially when religious day holiday in Bali. The number of local tourists who spend the holiday in Kuta beach, Kuta beach makes a very dense and crowded.

Evenings most tourists spend their time in bars, cafes, and restaurants. Boisterous noise of the bars and cafes as well as the restaurant was felt around the streets in Kuta. Chaos often occur in bars and cafes in Kuta, which is caused by a drunk tourist. Sometimes fights are common around the street in Kuta involving tourists and security guards cafe.

If you come to Kuta, you should be prepared to state that I mentioned above. The most excruciating moment came to Kuta is when you are driving the car and feel the jams.