Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fishing in Bali

Fishing in Bali

Fishing is a very enjoyable hobby. Especially for those who really like fishing. Especially fishing. Activities that can calm the mind, relieve setres, entertaining, and challenging. Although sometimes can also make it sucks, because it does not get the fish while fishing. However it is not uncommon, and are part of the risk of fishing. And risks should always be faced by any hobby. Since all activities there must be risks.

Fishing in Bali is the right choice. Since Bali is a small island surrounded by shallow seas. While fishing, we also can enjoy the atmosphere of a very beautiful island, with charming beaches, cliffs and beautiful corals.

There are many fishing spots in the sea of Bali. And located nearly all seas in Bali. But the most favored spot by the anglers are in the West Bali, and also the region of East Bali. Fishing spots in the West Bali is on the island of Menjangan, Gilimanuk bay and harbor area of Gilimanuk. While the region of East Bali, the best spot is in the island of Nusa Penida, Benoa sea, Nusa Dua sea. These places are known as there are different types of fish with a very large size.

In addition to the sea, there is also a pretty interesting fishing spots, namely in the lake in Bali. Lake in Bali's most frequently visited by anglers is Beratan Lake. Because there are many Beratan Lake trout. So the chances of getting fish when fishing is huge. We can rent canoes for rent on the lake a lot.

In addition to Beratan Lake, there are also other favorited lake anglers, the Tamblingan lake. But the lake is not so popular among anglers, because the facilities there are inadequate.

Fishing in Pengambengan Bali
In the area of ​​river in Bali, is not a good as fishing. Because rivers in Bali is very small with a strong current, and shallow. So there is no big fish in there.

In the area south of Bali there are also quite popular fishing spot, which is at sea of Pengambengan. Pengambengan beach area is the largest fish processing place in Bali. There is a national fishing industry. Many fish canning company in Pengambengan.

At sea of Pengambengan, many fishermen who are ready to guide and lead the fishing hobbyist. Boat rental fee reasonably priced, with a fishing spot search services, based on the experience of the fishermen.

In the area of ​​North Bali is also a very popular fishing area by anglers. However ombat at sea is very big. Only at certain times only we can fish comfortably there.