Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bali, as well as a tropical tourist destination, as well as a prestigious fashion capital

Bali is a tropical destination tourist destinations are very popular. It has a unique and interesting culture. Island with many sights, from the sea to the mountains. A very wet, until the place is very dry. It's all in Bali.

In addition to the destinations world tourist destination, Bali is also seen as a prestigious fashion code. It can be proved from Bali ranked in the 14th position as an international fashion capital. Assessment Bali was first nominated as a fashion capital, beginning in 2010. Bali first appeared on the radar of the Global Language Monitor (GLM), a survey of media, including the internet, the top fashion cities of the world.

From the results of a survey conducted by GLM in this year. Bali is ranked number 14 as an international fashion capital. The first position acquired by the London, England. And the position of the two acquired the city of New York. Bali also beat fashion cities of Asia, whose country has been greatly advanced than Indonesia. Cities in Asia Bali was defeated by Singapore (19), Shanghai (22), Bangkok (29), Seoul (34), Mumbai (38) and New Delhi (48).

Culture in Bali Bali is inseparable from the attainment of the rank meporoleh. Indeed, in general, most of the products are outstanding in Bali fashion, style outdated, and can not follow the international trend. But when viewed more closely, and felt, many products circulating in Bali has excellent quality, rich colors, and very detailed.