Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fishing in Bali

Fishing in Bali

Fishing is a very enjoyable hobby. Especially for those who really like fishing. Especially fishing. Activities that can calm the mind, relieve setres, entertaining, and challenging. Although sometimes can also make it sucks, because it does not get the fish while fishing. However it is not uncommon, and are part of the risk of fishing. And risks should always be faced by any hobby. Since all activities there must be risks.

Fishing in Bali is the right choice. Since Bali is a small island surrounded by shallow seas. While fishing, we also can enjoy the atmosphere of a very beautiful island, with charming beaches, cliffs and beautiful corals.

There are many fishing spots in the sea of Bali. And located nearly all seas in Bali. But the most favored spot by the anglers are in the West Bali, and also the region of East Bali. Fishing spots in the West Bali is on the island of Menjangan, Gilimanuk bay and harbor area of Gilimanuk. While the region of East Bali, the best spot is in the island of Nusa Penida, Benoa sea, Nusa Dua sea. These places are known as there are different types of fish with a very large size.

In addition to the sea, there is also a pretty interesting fishing spots, namely in the lake in Bali. Lake in Bali's most frequently visited by anglers is Beratan Lake. Because there are many Beratan Lake trout. So the chances of getting fish when fishing is huge. We can rent canoes for rent on the lake a lot.

In addition to Beratan Lake, there are also other favorited lake anglers, the Tamblingan lake. But the lake is not so popular among anglers, because the facilities there are inadequate.

Fishing in Pengambengan Bali
In the area of ​​river in Bali, is not a good as fishing. Because rivers in Bali is very small with a strong current, and shallow. So there is no big fish in there.

In the area south of Bali there are also quite popular fishing spot, which is at sea of Pengambengan. Pengambengan beach area is the largest fish processing place in Bali. There is a national fishing industry. Many fish canning company in Pengambengan.

At sea of Pengambengan, many fishermen who are ready to guide and lead the fishing hobbyist. Boat rental fee reasonably priced, with a fishing spot search services, based on the experience of the fishermen.

In the area of ​​North Bali is also a very popular fishing area by anglers. However ombat at sea is very big. Only at certain times only we can fish comfortably there.

Forest fires on Mount Batur

Forest fires on Mount Batur Bangli regency, Bali, since the day Tuesday, September 25, 2012, seen at night. And to this day the fire occurred. From the information obtained from various sources, the fire broke out since 3:00 yesterday, and is still happening today.

Forest fires on Mount Batur in the north and south of the mountain, and there found several forest fires burning.

Due to weather conditions in Bali today is very hot, and in the area of ​​Mount Batur kekeringanterjadi, causing the fire to quickly spread avery direction. Mountain areas in the form of dried reeds and shrubs very flammable.

Firefighters tried to extinguish the fire. But the difficult terrain traversed, and the number of dry grass, and flammable, resulting in difficulties attendant put out the fire.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UNESCO building inscription on the lake of Buyan, Bali.

Associated with the award to Subak, as world cultural heritage, which is given by UNESCO, the UNESCO building inscription determination lake Buyan and lake Tamblingan, in Buleleng regency, Bali. As a buffer zone of traditional irrigation system in Bali. Built in Bencingan Temple, near the Tamblingan lake, on Monday.

Subak that reflected the beauty of the landscape of rice fields, is proposed as a World Heritage Site since 2000. Subak nominated with the headline "Budaya Subak Bali Inspired by the Balinese Philosophy of Tri Hita Karana".

Tri Hita Karana is three harmonious relationship, between man and God, man and man, and man with the natural surroundings.

The toll road over the rice fields, will be built in Bali

Bali road conditions never developed. However, the population is increasing, impact the increasing number of vehicles. The number of vehicles increased by seiiring not support the development of the road construction.

As happened in Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, his condition is very severe. Often there is congestion on the road. If not addressed immediately, the economy will mengalali setback in Bali.

Numerous attempts by the government to improve the road network, as well as solve the traffic congestion problem in Bali. After the toll road over the sea Nusa Dua-Benoa-Airport, and underpass, Dewaruci, now emerging discourse to create toll roads over the rice paddies.

There are two flyovers on the field that is currently in the assessment stage. Overpass that connects Kuta-Tanah Lot-Soka (extension of the sunset road Kuta) and the overpass on the field that connects Beringkit-Batuan-Purnama. The width of the overpass on the field reached 30 meters and consists of 4 lanes.

The objectives of toll road construction on the field is to manifest a new road network in Bali, which did not damage the environment. Rice fields remain, and could be a tourist attraction in itself. Highway plans on this field to support the program, pro green, and green travel.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Subak in Bali, awarded by UNESCO

 Subak in Bali, awarded by UNESCO

Subak is a traditional Balinese irrigation system, awarded by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. The award is given to the Provincial Government of Bali, Monday, September 24, 2012, on page Pura Taman Ayun, in Badung regency, Bali.

Determination landscape subak was approved at the 36th session, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in late June. It is the worldwide recognition of the noble and universal values ​​subak, as well as indigenous cultures of Indonesia, making it the world come to protect. So the preservation of culture and traditions can be maintained subak. Because the world through UNESCO to participate in conserving subak. In order not to become extinct in the future.

Governments struggle to gain recognition for Subak system reaches 12 years. Because philosophy and Subak system is very complex.

Subak system must be protected existence, either through protection are visible (objects), or invisible (not object).

Regions in the world cultural heritage of UNESCO to admit kawasaitu include Pura Taman Ayun in Badung regency, Pakerisan River basin in Gianyar regency, and Batukaru in Tabanan regency.

Bali Butterfly Park (Taman Kupu-Kupu Bali)

Bali Butterfly Park (Taman Kupu-Kupu Bali)

Bali Butterfly Park (Taman Kupu-Kupu Bali) is a small park, with an area of ​​not more than 1 hectare, with a variety of species of butterflies from all over Indonesia. Bali Butterfly Park is located in Jl.Batukaru, Wanasari village, Tabanan regency of Bali. Approximately 6 km towards the north of the city of Tabanan. And is open daily, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. And the ticket was closed at 4.00 pm.

Bali Butterfly Park (Taman Kupu-Kupu Bali)
As I headed to Bali Butterfly Park, I was confused to find a way to get to the park area. Because of its location in the middle of the plantation, filled with large plants, like being in the middle of the forest. Due to the location of the park is also the sign is very old, it was hard to find.

From the highway, we have entered a narrow alley to the west. But in the area of ​​the park, there is ample parking. Calm atmosphere with fresh air, because it is in the middle of the plantation with a very shady trees.

I bought a ticket at a price for domestic tourists. Ticket price to enter the butterfly park is reasonably priced. But for me the price is not comparable to the experience gained when entering the park.

Butterfly Park is an enclosed garden. The entire area of ​​the park covered with nets. In order for butterflies in the garden does not go out the park area.

In Bali Butterfly Park, there are many types of butterflies inside. There is also a butterfly breeding. In cages breeding butterflies, there are so many butterfly eggs are ready to hatch. The eggs of the butterfly is intentionally placed in the cage in order not to be disturbed by other insects.

Besides butterflies, there are also other types of insects, such as grasshoppers and beetles. Grasshopper unique and strange, and strange beetle that is sure you've never met.
Besides butterflies, there are also other types of insects, such as grasshoppers and beetles. Grasshopper unique and strange, and strange beetle that is sure you've never met.Besides butterflies, there are also other types of insects, such as grasshoppers and beetles. Grasshopper unique and strange, and strange beetle that is sure you've never met.

In Bali Butterfly Park also sells a variety of crafts made from a variety of insects. Among others, key chains made ​​from insects, insects paperweight, paintings from the wings of a butterfly, framed butterflies, framed beetles, and more.

Every day hundreds of butterflies released a wide range of colors. Bali Butterfly Park, the only one in Indonesia, and conduct captive breeding of butterflies and insects to avoid extinction.

Farmers in Seminyak Bali much to sell their land

Farmers in Seminyak Bali much to sell their land

Farmers in Seminyak Bali much to sell his land because land taxes are very high and not commensurate with the income they earn. They sell rice to pay off debts and keep them away from the land tax burden is very expensive, and they have to wait for every year.

Caused by the rapid development of the tourism industry in the region Seminyak Bali, impact on the region the value of the land sale. Sale value of land to be very high. The high value of the land sale, to impact with high taxes. The government does not distinguish between the tax value of agricultural land, the land and the hospitality industry. Thus, the burden of the high value of land tax in Seminyak are farmers.

The government does not take sides against farmers, especially farmers in Seminyak and surrounding areas, and farmers in Indonesia generally. Though farmers are the most important professions on the continuity of human food. Without farmers, people will be very difficult to get groceries.

Now Seminyak Bali be very crowded area by the construction of hotels and villas. Agricultural land more narrow, and many farmers lost his job. If it is not controlled, then Bali will be very crowded.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Batur Bali, Global Geopark Network

Batur Bali, Global Geopark Network

Batur region is a volcanic mountain region. Its located in Bangli regency, Bali, is a province of Indonesia. Mount Batur Bali is a place for the gods and the ancestors. At lake Batur there are also a source of water in most areas in Bali.

Because of the uniqueness strutur, geographic location, and condition of society, UNESCO added the Batur Bali into a global geopark network. That is part of the four new locations. Besides Indonesia from Batur located in Bali, there are three countries into a global geopark network, namely China, Hungary and Spain. Thus increased to 21 countries, with 91 points coming into the global geopark network.

Batur Temple, Batur Bali, Global Geopark Network
Global geopark network that was created with the support of UNESCO, in 2004, to encourage cooperation between geological heritage experts and practitioners, connecting important geological heritage sites, rare or beautiful in the world. And is also used to promote sustainable development in local communities.

Batur enactment, as a global geopark network, so that Bali had the opportunity to obtain sustainable development opportunities, for local people. And for Indonesia to take part in the cooperation between experts and practitioners geological heritage.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Australian Government issued a Travel Warning for not going to Indonosia

The travel warning issued by the Australian government on Thursday, which appealed to its citizens not to come to Indonesia. It was done very reasonable, because the Indonesian police in the space of a few months ago until now, has been doing a lot of arrests of terrorists.

Every day, the average number of tourists visiting Bali up to five thousand tourists from foreign countries, and will double the number when the holiday season arrives. One tourist from Australia, said the government issued a fair warning, but not a problem for him. Bali is still said to be safe and fantastic.

Are tourists who come to Bali not worried about Indonesia. The development of a new terrorist network, led police to eradicate Indonesia overwhelmed.

Although the Australian government issued a ban on its citizens traveling to Indonesia, until now the number of tourists, especially tourists from Australia remain crowded, clearly visible in a very crowded Kuta beach.

Prayer to Uluwatu Temple Bali

Prayer to Uluwatu Temple Bali

To Uluwatu Temple Bali for worship, some time ago, I was with my friends. To reach the temple required a long time. Because of my heading to Uluwatu Temple is tens of kilo meters. And somewhere along the way we stuck in traffic long enough. So the time we wasted.

Arriving at Uluwatu Temple, which is located in Kuta, Bali, there are many people who come to the temple. They have the same goals as us, which is to pray at Uluwatu  Temple.

Prayer to Uluwatu Temple Bali
In the temple area there are many wild monkeys are quite alarming. We are dismayed by the monkeys. We fear they bite us. According to people who frequently pray to it, the monkeys often take people brought offerings.

Besides aiming to prayer, we came to Uluwatu Temple to tour the region. Because the temple region has a very beautiful panorama, stunning nature and beautiful sunsets Uluwatu Temple Bali. And it is very well known to foreign countries.

Which is amazing in this area is the temple that is located right at the end of a very high cliff on the edge of the Indian Ocean sea. Cliffs terrible to behold. It may be very suitable for suicide. Hahahaha ... Not advisable to do so.

If you come to the Uluwatu temple, you will be impressed and amazed with nature there. High cliffs on the edge of the vast sea. If you are on holiday to Bali, I recommend to come Uluwatu.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Uluwatu Temple Bali, WOW!!

Uluwatu Temple Bali

On arriving at the Uluwatu Temple, in the parking lot, there are many food and drink vendors. There we can buy a few drinks, to be brought into the temple area. Because in the temple area there is no single food or beverage vendors.

Before entering the area of ​​Uluwatu Temple, which is located by the sea, we are required to wear a tie waist. It aims to us courtesy when entering area Uluwatu Temple. And to maintain the sanctity of the temple.
Wherever, if we want to enter the temple in Bali, if not the purpose of prayer, we are obliged to wear a tie waist, to maintain the sanctity of the temple.

Monkey in Pura Uluwatu Temple BaliTickets to enter the area of ​​Uluwatu Temple is quite affordable. But the price is very different from, the tickets for domestic tourists, with tickets to foreign tourists. But the price is still quite logical. Because foreigners purchasing power is higher, compared to the local people. Even if we are aiming to do worship, and worship at Uluwatu Temple, we are not obligated to buy tickets to enter.

From the post purchase tickets go to Uluwatu Temple area, we have to go through the steps as far as 200 meters. Around the road we have to be careful, and always keep our luggage. Because in the Uluwatu Temple, there are many wild monkeys, who always wants food from visitors to the temple.

Arriving in the area of ​​Uluwatu Temple, we are greeted wild monkeys are very much at all. We must be careful here. Events air temple area is quite cool and fresh, based on the people of Indonesia. Wind bersembuh fast enough, it is because it is located on the seafront.

Beautiful cliffs in the area of ​​Uluwatu TempleEvents in the area of ​​Uluwatu Temple is not so crowded. Occurs only crowd at the celebration held Pura Uluwatu temple ceremony. For tourists who love the culture and traditions of the Balinese, it comes highly recommended when in the Pura Uluwatu temple ceremony. Because the atmosphere is very lively and charming.

If you want to see Uluwatu Temple with amazing condition, try heading to the west. Follow the path there. The path is located right on the cliff. But do not worry, the trail is lined with a very solid concrete. It is impossible we will fall into the sea, if it is not willing to commit suicide there.

Arriving at the end of the path, there is a small hut to rest. From there we could see the beautiful Uluwatu Temple, located at the tip of a very high cliff, over the vast sea. If it is felt, must have been terrible. But if you enjoy it, it will look very beautiful.

Beautiful cliffs in the area of ​​Uluwatu Temple
Continuous waves hitting the cliffs below the Uluwatu Temple, made ​​a very interesting sight. Astonishingly, the cliff is never destroyed thousands of years ago. That's the natural wonders of the Lord.

Wait until the afternoon. Wait for the sunset, and see the sun setting behind the Pura Uluwatu. Very beautiful and amazing. Puru sunset at Uluwatu is very beautiful, the sunsets are difficult to find anywhere in the world.

Beautiful cliffs in the area of ​​Uluwatu Temple, decorated by beautiful ombat. But the elusive Pura Uluwatu region closest hotel to stay.

If you come to Pura Uluwatu, enjoy the beauty of the sunset there with your lover.

Bali bombing memorial on October 12, 2012 at GWK

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) in Bali Indonesia

Bali bombings which occurred on October 12, 2002, killing many tourists from Australia. Most victims were Australians. And leaving sadness for many people, especially the families of the victims of the bomb.

On October 12, 2012, Bali bombings has reached 10 years. A very old age, but still leaves a very deep sadness. So that makes the decline of the tourism industry in Bali. Many people lost their jobs. Hotels are threatened with bankruptcy. Craftsmen art bankruptcy.

The 10th memoria of Bali bombings on 12 October, will focus on the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), Jimbaran Bali.

Memorial ceremony will take place on a large scale, would be attended by important government officials of Australia, including Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

In addition to government officials of Australia, Bali bombing memorial will also be attended by thousands of Australians, including victims and their families. Because many Australian citizens who become victims of the bombings, carried out by the terrorist bastards. The plan is about 3000 to 4000 people will attend the event.

Bali bomb memorial made on October 12, 2012, took place on a large scale. Because it is a memorial to the 10th, and the memorial is the last ceremonially. Security memorial service conducted at the Cultural Park Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), will be done on a very tight security.

Australia is very interested in this memorial, because most casualties when the Bali bombing were Australian citizens. This is the last memorial service, and the hope is that last event, and it will not happen again in the days to come.

Who will attend the commemoration was the Prime Minister of Australia, Former Prime Minister of Australia, the Australian police chief, former Chief of Police of Australia, Senior Australian Government Official who number between 25 to 30 people, 1000 members of the AFP, the ambassadors and consulates countries citizens became victims of the Bali bombings.

The series of activities will be carried memorial prayer and the laying of wreaths.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Katy Perry vacation to Bali?

Katy Perry
In his Twitter account, on Wednesday, September 19, 2012, Katy Perry wrote "I ate, I prayed, I climbed a volcano". That was written by him on Twitter, which made her fans wondering.

Because these twit, the Katycats (call for fans of Katy Perry) suspected that the female singer from the United States, is on vacation on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Even one of the fans of Katy Perry, managed to take a photo while playing Ketty rafting in Bali. It was also said Ketty enjoy rafting in Ubud area, Bali.

Whether true or not, the news circulating on the internet. But if that's true, then Bali is a favorite tourist destination. Holywood actress proved to be very frequent flights to Bali.

Even Bali is often used as a place of international film-making.

Dewa Ruci Statue in Bali, very pretentious

Dewa Ruci Statue in Bali, very pretentious

Dewa Ruci Statue physically have the aesthetic appearance. Because the sculpture is seen in the whole group of Balinese mythology. And it is located in a very setrategis in Bali.

In the Dewa Ruci Statue, there are some features that look. The top one is Dewa Ruci / Nawa Ruci, which is protected by an aura. And the most visible figure in the statue is Sang Bima ridden by a dragon, Naga Baruna. They fight in the middle of the sea.

Dewa Ruci Statue very stately and sturdy stand in the middle of the intersection was jammed full of vehicles. Currently in the basement, just below Dewa Ruci Statue, created underpass. To address congestion very often occur in areasDewa Ruci Statue.

In the area Dewa Ruci Statue frequent jams that would make us stress. Especially over the road from Nusa Dua toward Sanur, or through By Pass Ngurah Rai. Congestion often occurs, even tens of kilometers. It happened because the intersection is the meeting of Dewa Ruci Statue tourist cities in Bali.

The statue became an icon of the solid and the breakdown of the road in Bali. Especially in the tourism centers of Bali. Every Balinese, who hear the word statue Dewa Ruci, then that is in the mind is a very bad roads, intersections are confusing, stressful, crowded. Many people avoid this intersection. But what may make, there is no other option to get to the location to go through this intersection.

Salak Bali, Pay attention to when buying fruits in Besakih area, Bali

Salak Bali, Pay attention to when buying fruits in Besakih area, Bali
When the temple ceremony in Besakih, almost all the shops are located around the path to the temple, selling fruit typical Karangasem regency, Bali, the fruit Salak Bali.

Salak Bali known to have a large size with a sweet and savory flavor. Which can only grow well in the area of ​​Karangasem, Bali.

As we walked towards the temple Besakih, there are many fruit sellers salakbali. They offer wares to passing pedestrians.

When I finished the worship at Besakih, and walked toward the parking lot, I thought to buy presents for my family at home. At that time I thought a gift that fits is the fruit Salak Bali. Because Salak Bali is the typical food of Karangasem.

I was with my friend rushed to the nearest one salakbali sellers. We talked to the seller with a bid to get lowest price. After completion of bidding, I decided to buy 2 kg Salak Bali.

When choosing Salak Bali, I chose the fruit with great size and looks mature. I believe that the pieces that I chose is the best fruit. All the choice I leave to the seller to be wrapped and weighed weight.

When I got home, I opened the package that I bought Salak Bali. I was genuinely surprised, after the package is opened, the fruit turns Salak Bali that I bought did not fit with what I choose at that time. Small size is not good and it's also sour.

I tell that to my friend. Apparently they are also experiencing the same thing. Once we talked, we interpret that the fruits that we have chosen, Salak Bali replaced with poor quality when traders doing the weighing.

We totally cheated by the traders Salak Bali. So my advice, be careful when buying fruit Salak Bali, Besakih temple, Bali.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Besakih Temple is always crowded by the people during the celebration

Besakih Temple is always crowded by the people during the celebration

A few months ago, I went to Besakih Temple, to follow the religious ceremony at the Besakih  temple. Besakih Temple is located in Karangasem regency, Bali. Sektar 90 km from the city of Denpasar, and can be reached about two hours away. If the condition is not jammed.

Besakih temple is the largest temple in Bali, and is the main temple of all temples in Bali.

When I attend a religious celebration at Besakih, the atmosphere is very crowded. Many Balinese people come to pray. From children to the elderly blend into one.

The beauty of the temple is very visible when the celebrations. Besakih Temple looks colorful, vibrant.

The air was very cold now. Atmosphere overcast but not raining. The weather as it was very supportive to perform worship at Besakih. Because if the air is bright with the sun is very hot, the people who do worship will be very hot.

Yet ironically, in the midst of a large celebration, amidst the people, there is a little boy wandering around a pickpocket. Many people who lose their jewelry and wallets during worship.

Worship at Besakih temple is not just one alone. But also performed in other temples in Besakih. And worship in different temples, performed by one lineage.

Besakih Temple is always crowded by the people during the celebration

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pura Pesimpangan Ratu Gede Dalem Ped Rambutsiwi

Pura Pesimpangan Ratu Gede Dalem Ped Rambutsiwi

The restoration of the temple area Rambusiwi, especially for temple "Pura Pesimpangan Ratu Gede Dalem Ped Rambutsiwi", which shifted south fence. So the temple area Rambutsiwi become more orderly.

Before the shift, the main temple in Rambutsiwi, especially temple ceremony, very narrow and crowded. But this time looks very spacious and airy.

Basa Genap, Balinese seasoning, often made during the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan

Basa genap, Balinese seasoning, often made during the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan

Basa genap is a seasoning made ​​from a variety of spices are mixed into one.

Basa genap often made during the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan. Because when terbut is a great day to cook various types of dishes. Especially made ​​from pork.

For the Balinese, basa genap is a very delicious flavor. But for Westerners, especially foreign tourists, is the spice basa genap very painful for the stomach.

Bali tigers are now extinct

Bali tigers are now extinct
Bali tiger, an animal that inhabits forests in Bali. Once upon a time, Bali has a distinctive animals found in the forest in Bali. The animal is the tiger.

But now these kinds of extinct. Extinction caused by habitat for life is increasingly disappearing, due to deforestation in Bali uncontrolled. So the tiger to be eliminated. And the number of prey decreases, so the tiger mencadi difficult to survive due to starvation.

Now, the people of Bali, where the tiger can only remember Bali. Remembering the existence of tigers that once lived in Bali, by making the tiger statue. Tiger statue also has significance as a guard.

Hopefully something similar will not happen again in Bali. As with the Bali Tiger, JalakBali also suffered extinction due to poaching.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kuta Beach Bali is the best place to learn surfing

Kuta Beach Bali is the best place to learn surfing
Kuta Beach in Bali is not only to wait for the sunset. In this beach purse can learn surfing. Waves on Kuta beach is not so great, so it was not too dangerous for anyone, and is suitable for beginners who want to learn surfing. Just need a bit of courage to try, then we will be able to surf on the waves of the sea water.

In Kuta beach, there are plenty of rental surfboards water, and there is also a crash course in surfing, that we can try. For the cost, simply by Rp. 150 000, we will education was given by experienced surf guides. We will be invited to learn to conquer the waves until we can surf alone. Regarding security, on Kuta beach safety is guaranteed.

If we've learned studying surfing satisfied, we can rest while waiting for the sunset at Kuta beach. The beauty of the sunset at Kuta beach is well known to foreign tourists. While buying snacks that can be purchased in stores nearby, we would be satisfied to enjoy Kuta beach in Bali.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rangda daydreaming, very funny photo

Rangda daydreaming, very funny photo
Rangda in Balinese mythology, was a creepy evil. The figure of Rangda in Bali made a mask with very long hair, long fangs and large mouths wide, bulging eyes and large breasts hanging in the chest.

In works of art in Bali, Rangda is often displayed in the form of a colossal dance. As the embodiment of evil that often interfere with humans. But in religious rituals, Rangda figure used as the embodiment of ancestral spirits. With the goal of centralization as a means concentration of mind as ancestor worship.

The figure of Rangda is a mask. In the play, Rangda masks worn by a man. No person shall recklessly wear Rangda masks. For the figure of Rangda is very religious and mystical. Before wearing it, do certain rituals, Rangda masks that users do not experience the bad stuff while staging Rangda.

In rural communities, many Balinese believe in the existence of the figure of Rangda. Sometimes at night, Rangda often appear in the darkness. Not uncommon for people to see it. Indeed, the figure does not interfere with human existence.

In the knowledge of black magic in Bali. There is a doctrine of black magic are very popular, and is often practiced by many Balinese. Science is science Ngeleak (Pangleakan).

Many people who study science with the aim of evil and ignorant to people. One of the skills acquired while studying science was able to change into a very scary figure of Rangda.

In the photo above, is a creative photographer. He made a very funny picture Rangda. Because things like the above has ever happened. Never had depicted the Rangda like in the photo.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bali, as well as a tropical tourist destination, as well as a prestigious fashion capital

Bali is a tropical destination tourist destinations are very popular. It has a unique and interesting culture. Island with many sights, from the sea to the mountains. A very wet, until the place is very dry. It's all in Bali.

In addition to the destinations world tourist destination, Bali is also seen as a prestigious fashion code. It can be proved from Bali ranked in the 14th position as an international fashion capital. Assessment Bali was first nominated as a fashion capital, beginning in 2010. Bali first appeared on the radar of the Global Language Monitor (GLM), a survey of media, including the internet, the top fashion cities of the world.

From the results of a survey conducted by GLM in this year. Bali is ranked number 14 as an international fashion capital. The first position acquired by the London, England. And the position of the two acquired the city of New York. Bali also beat fashion cities of Asia, whose country has been greatly advanced than Indonesia. Cities in Asia Bali was defeated by Singapore (19), Shanghai (22), Bangkok (29), Seoul (34), Mumbai (38) and New Delhi (48).

Culture in Bali Bali is inseparable from the attainment of the rank meporoleh. Indeed, in general, most of the products are outstanding in Bali fashion, style outdated, and can not follow the international trend. But when viewed more closely, and felt, many products circulating in Bali has excellent quality, rich colors, and very detailed.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bali, the island of love

Tanah Lot, Bali, the island of love

Many names for the island of Bali. Bali, the island of a thousand temples. Bali, an island of peace. Bali, island of the gods. I do not know what the name given to the island of Bali.

More recently, the governor of Bali, I Made Mangku Pastika, give a new designation for the island of Bali. The title is, of Bali, the island of love.

"Bali has been chosen to be the set of the movie Eat, Pray, and Love. Yang starring Julia Roberts. How the film, is the area we are the place to find true love. Island of Bali is full of love," he said.

According to Mr. Pastika, Bali is very appropriate to be used to strengthen love. For couples who are older can renew love, while those who are not married, can hold a wedding on the island of Bali.

He said it was in a forum, "World LP Gas Forum", which is in the title in Nusa Dua, Bali. Those words were spoken in front of the members of the forum.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More forest fires of Mount Agung Bali

More forest fires of Mount Agung Bali
The hot weather is happening in Bali this time resulted in frequent forest fires. After a couple of days ago, a forest fire in the area of ​​Mount Agung, Bali, current forest fire on Mount Agung happen again.

The fire has spread to several areas. It is feared that, with the threat that could hit home residents, as in Dusun Kedampal, Batu Dawa Kaja Village, Abang district.

The duration of the rainy season caused concerns. Because if the dry season is not over, feared would frequent forest fires, not only in the forests of Mount Agung, Bali's western region but also, which is a protected forest, which is highly flammable in the dry season.

Fires traditional markets, Kidul market in Bangli regency, Bali, this afternoon

Fires traditional markets, Kidul market in Bangli regency, Bali, this afternoon
In Bangli, Bali, this afternoon, around 3:00 pm, fire Kidul market. Based on the narrative a number of merchants and residents, a fire damaged the Kidul market, which is the largest market in Bangli regency. The flames were first seen from the second floor of the market, and quickly grabbed another shop building and the adjacent stall.

The fire quickly burned the traditional market, after a loud explosion from the inside market. Probably derived from LPG gas cylinders, which are sold in a number of the shop, and grabbed the shop building and kiosk adjacent to each other. So the fire getting bigger.

The fire is very difficult to extinguish, because the fire truck market is difficult to reach areas, because the difficult terrain traversed.

Meanwhile, traders busy saving merchandise that has not been burned. They carry merchandise as possible out of the market.

Not yet know the exact cause of the fire that hit the market in the town center Bangli. Police are still investigating. Value of the loss is unknown.

Kuta beach area is increasingly crowded and increasingly jammed roads

Kuta beach area is increasingly crowded and increasingly jammed roads

Kuta is a district, which is growing rapidly become a popular tourist area to the whole world. Kuta region, most notably the South Kuta, which has a white sandy beach, the beach of Kuta.

Nowadays Kuta is very crowded and full of traffic jams everywhere, every street Kuta is very bad everywhere. That is because the supporting infrastructure not keeping pace with the development of tourism accommodation.

The business developer in the fields of tourism, competing to build hotels and other tourist accommodation in Kuta. They do not care about the environmental conditions surrounding the increasingly crowded and congested. Local authorities seemed unable to control it. Kuta community who are unable to follow the flow of tourism development increasingly shifted its existence. Especially the farmers in Kuta.

If we come to Kuta beach, the beach will look like an ant nest, full of activity and number of people. Very calm and quiet transaction can not be felt at Kuta beach, except for the night. Only a few people who were in Kuta beach at night.

Crowded Kuta beach will be felt when the holiday season arrives. Especially when religious day holiday in Bali. The number of local tourists who spend the holiday in Kuta beach, Kuta beach makes a very dense and crowded.

Evenings most tourists spend their time in bars, cafes, and restaurants. Boisterous noise of the bars and cafes as well as the restaurant was felt around the streets in Kuta. Chaos often occur in bars and cafes in Kuta, which is caused by a drunk tourist. Sometimes fights are common around the street in Kuta involving tourists and security guards cafe.

If you come to Kuta, you should be prepared to state that I mentioned above. The most excruciating moment came to Kuta is when you are driving the car and feel the jams.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lindsay June Sandiford, a grandmother from England, carrying 4.7 kg of cocaine into Bali, facing the death penalty

Bali has always been a destination for drug dealers. Such a short time ago, a British citizen grandmother, June Lindsay Sandiford, who was carrying cocaine drug class I.

If convicted, the penalty of at least 5 years, and a maximum death penalty.

Mrs. Lindsay was arrested by Customs and Excise Ngurah Rai, 28 May, being caught carrying 4.7 kg of cocaine.

From the results of the development, the Bali Police officers also arrested four other suspects, comprising three Britons namely Rachel, Julian, and Paul, as well as citizens of India, Nanda Gophal.

Of these cases, it is seen clearly that Bali is a destination for drug dealers. It is also due to Bali is a world tourist destination, which can not be separated from all that is good and bad.

The case above is a small sample of the number of foreigners arrested for bringing drugs into Bali. Probably not count the number of people who are not caught, and now many drugs circulate in Bali.

The Balinese POP singer, Dek Ulik, launched a new album which became a top song currently in Bali

The Balinese POP singer, Dek Ulik, launched a new album which became a top song currently in Bali

Dek Ulik is POP female singer from Bali. Songs POP Balinese language. She is very famous among the people of Bali. For all the songs from all his albums and singles, well liked by the people of Bali. Her voice is very good, and the lyrics of the song are captivating. Almost all the songs tell about his personal life and habits of life of the Balinese.

The highlight of his early career in the music world and become famous, since he performed the song entitled Somahe Bebotoh. The song tells the lives of those men who like to gamble Tajen Bali (Balinese cock fight). The song was very popular with the Balinese.

Dek Ulik and Lolak
Somahe Bebotoh song means a gambler husband. The song tells of a man who has a wife and a child. The man was very pleased to gambling, especially gambling Tajen (Balinese cock fight). His life is very chaotic, poor, and families who are not in harmony, because too often gamble.

Currently, Dek Ulik launch latest album, entitled Jegeg Nyelolet, which means very beautiful. Songs that became hits in Bali today is titled Tembok Bata. In the Dek Ulik duet song with her ​​own husband.

Dek Ulik song is very likable Bali, from children to the elderly. Because it contains elements of humor and is very easy to sing.

Banten Segehan, offerings to supernatural spirits, so that they can live peacefully side by side with humans in Bali

Banten Segehan, offerings to supernatural spirits, so that they can live peacefully side by side with humans in Bali

The Balinese believe in the existence of supernatural spirits. They are not visible but can be felt, and can affect people's lives. Nothing supernatural spirits are good, some are evil.

Same thing with the human, supernatural spirits also need a place to stay. The Balinese believe they live and inhabit large trees, boulders, caves, and places that are rarely visited lonely man.

In order to not interfere with unseen spirits of human life, the Balinese always offering ceremony. Not to worship them, but as human beings respect to them, that they exist and coexist with humans.

The offerings of the most simple but can have a big impact is by means of banten segehan.

The offerings in banten segehan using basic ingredients rice. With a variety of flowers and fire. Banten segehan generally made ​​of colorful rice. Usually consists of four colors.

When discharging banten segehan means, always laid down in the ground. Aimed at giving to the unseen spirits.

Laying banten segehan accompanied with canang sari, which means the Balinese ritual is made from the leaves and flowers.

All were intended to allow human life to live peaceful, harmonious and happy, alongside all the magical spirits. Not against them.

In Bali, there Penunggun Karang, every yard of the house there is a security guard who keep from evil spirits disorders

In Bali, there Penunggun Karang, every yard of the house there is a security guard who keep from evil spirits disorders
Penunggun Karang, or also called Pelinggih Sedahan, is a security guard in the spirit that keeps the household from evil spirits disorders. Balinese Hindus believe that the Earth is not only inhabited by creatures invisible to the eye, but also by creatures that are not visible, or spirit. Spirit there are good and some are evil.

Therefore, to preserve human life from evil spirits, founded a Penunggun Karang in every yard.

The spirits that haunts, such as the spirit of the old man's body was not cremated, or unnatural death, such as buried large buttresses (which never happened in Bali in the 18th century) will be looking for another place to live and scrambling.

To protect themselves from interference haunting spirits, people built Penunggun Karang / Palinggih Sedahan.

Function Penunggun Karang / Palinggih Sedahan not be underestimated, given the island of Bali is very different from any place. Balinese people who have yards, whatever it is, whether the fields, or place of business, to build a small temple, the grounds keeper of the interference of evil spirits.

If that is not done, the most likely human harmony in the yard will be delayed.

If you come to Bali and want to stay at a hotel in Bali, it helps you pray in Penunggun Karang invoke protection from evil spirits.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Conference 3rd East Asia Ministerial Conference on Sanitation and Hygiene (EASAN-3), the Minister of the countries in East Asia will meet in Bali


As the place is very popular tourist destination, Bali is often a place to hold the meetings of international standard. As will be held on 10 to 12 September 2012, the 3rd East Asia Ministerial Conference on Sanitation and Hygiene Conference (Easan-3), which will be held in Bali. But is not known where exactly the meeting will be held, which is on the island of Bali.

Easan-3 will discuss efforts to increase commitment and achieve the MDGs, and to explore other sources of funding that could be used for the construction of sanitation. The conference will be followed by the countries of East Asia and other region.

Easan-3 is a biennial meeting of Ministers in the field of sanitation and hygiene East Asian countries. This meeting will be attended by delegates from Indonesia, Cambodia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste, Laos, Korea, China, the Philippines and Vietnam. And this event will be attended by health ministers from those countries.

Such performances will indirectly have a positive impact for the development of tourism industry in Bali. Because it would raise a good image of the island of Bali. If successful iven this title, the name of both the island of Bali as a safe place to visit will recover, after peristinya Bali bombings.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kuningan ceremony is for offerings to the ancestors

Kuningan celebration this time falls on 9 September 2012. Kuningan feast day is the day hanging out with ancestors who came to earth from heaven.

Ceremonies and offerings addressed to the ancestors who had a few days with his family since Galungan ago.

Implementation Kuningan celebration should not be passed during the day. Because the ancestors will only be in this world with the release of over half a day. After that the ancestors will return to heaven.

Therefore, Balinese Hindus at Kuningan celebrations, festivities lasted only half a day from morning to afternoon.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tradition in Bali, Penampahan Kuningan today, since this morning making Balinese cuisine

Tradition in Bali, Penampahan Kuningan today, since this morning making Balinese cuisine

Same thing with the celebration of Galungan, Kuningan celebrations tomorrow, also has penampahan day, the day before the celebration. Tradition in Bali.

Tradition in Bali, Penampahan Kuningan today, since this morning making Balinese cuisinePenampahan Kuningan with Penampahan Galungan is the same thing. Equally day for slaughtering animals. Day to cook a lot for Kuningan celebration tomorrow.

Tradition in Bali, Penampahan Kuningan today, since this morning making Balinese cuisineMany dishes are made when Penampahan Kuningan. And all of them are typical Balinese cuisine.

Lawar Klungah was the most frequently made by the Balinese as Penampahan Kuningan. Lawar Klungah made from coconut shells. Has a very good and tasty, for the Balinese. Mixed with small pieces of pork, and herbs of various local spices.

In addition, in Bali there are also traditional foods are often made in Bali, which tum bungkil. A Balinese food made ​​from banana tree bulbs.

Tradition in Bali, Penampahan Kuningan today, since this morning making Balinese cuisine

Tradition in Bali, Penampahan Kuningan today, since this morning making Balinese cuisine

Balinese cock fight gambling, do not try it!

Balinese cock fight gambling, do not try it!
The Balinese believe that if someone once tried the Balinese cock fight gambling, it will not be easily detached from the gambling.

The Balinese believe in the performance of the Balinese cock fight gambling, there is a god who always accompany. God is Sang Hyang Tajen. Sang Hyang Tajen god will always keep gambling addicts Balinese cock fight that is never satisfied with the gambling. And always wanted to gamble his money runs out.

If a person engages in gambling Tajen first, then Sang Hyang Tajen will give him good luck with the victory gained on the Balinese cock fight gambling. So it will always want to win, even though he was caught up in the gambling effect. Which in the end, all his property out in the gambling arena.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tampak Siring Temple with a refreshing swimming baths

Pura Tampak Siring

Tampak Siring temple located in Gianyar regency, Bali. Easy enough towards Tampak Siring temple. From Denpasar city about as far as 30 miles to the north. Can be taken approximately 1 hour drive from Denpasar city and 1.5 hours from Kuta area.

Tampak Siring temple, is a complex of baths kings of his time. Being Gianyar city. Tampak Siring temple is one of the six most important temples in Bali.

Tampak Siring Temple with a refreshing swimming baths
Tampak Siring temple is very old age. Visible from the main building in the form of temples, the architectural heritage of ancient times. Tampak Siring temple itself was built in the year 926 BC.

In the Tampak Siring temple, there are springs that are always out of the ground. The water is very clear and never run out, even though the drought struck Bali. The Balinese believe that if the water source in the  Tampak Siringn temple stopped issuing water, there will be a huge disaster in Bali.

Tampak Siring Temple with a refreshing swimming baths
In the area Tampak Siring temple, there is a very interesting fish pond. Very large fish which was amazing.

If you want to bathe in the swimming baths in Tampak Siring temple, you are not allowed to wear clothes very much. Enough to wear cloth covering it. With the aim to preserve the sanctity of the water there.

In the bathing pool, there are plenty of water fountains. Each shower has its own meaning. And do not be careless bath under the shower.

Tampak Siring Big Fish
Tampak Siring temple than as a place of worship, as well as a tourist spot, which can be visited by anyone. The visitors are usually allowed into the temple area only up to the main courtyard. They can enjoy a beautiful view of the twin pillar with a separate entrance.

Before you enter the Tampak Siring temple, if not with the purpose of worship, you should wear a cloth that has been provided by the officers who were there. With the aim to preserve the sanctity of the temple.

You do not have to worry when entering the Tampak Siring, because there was available parking space very broad, there are also plenty of food and drink vendors.

Tampak Siring Temple with nice arts

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The rainy season this year in Bali is expected to begin in October

Weather in Bali is very hot. But it seems to be coming to an end. The dry season in Bali will end soon. Be seen from the signs seen in the sky of Bali. Dark clouds that are the hallmark of the coming rains often seen in the sky, even though no rain. But it was a sign of the coming rain.

This afternoon, Bali arrival of rain. It's spitting. Although the rain was not so heavy, but it was a beginning of an end to the dry season. Most likely the rainy season in Bali will begin in October.

Hopefully that possibility into reality. Because Bali is currently hit by drought. And most feel it is the farmers of drought. Their fields dry. So it is difficult planting productive.

Bedugul Botanical Garden, Bali, the air cool and fresh, highly recommended during the holiday season

Kebun Raya Bedugul Bali

To reach Bedugul Botanical Garden, Bali, take a trip about an hour from the city of Denpasar. Sometimes you'll get stuck in traffic, because the road to get there is very crowded.

Bedugul is located in Tabanan regency, Bali. The place is very high, and is a mountainous region. Most people in Bedugul worked as a farmer.

Upon entering Bedugul botanical garden, a jungle atmosphere will be felt, rather than a garden. But that's the difference Bedugul botanical garden and other places. The atmosphere is beautiful, the air was cool and fresh, very shady trees and tall. Would make a comfortable eye.

We can go to the botanical gardens Bedugul by car. And with the car, we can explore all the regions in the botanical gardens.

In the region there are parks, there is a greenhouse in which there are many types of cactus plants. There is also an orchid garden that collect various types of orchids.

Balinese Girls at Bedugul Tabanan Bali

Balinese Girls at Bedugul Tabanan Bali

Balinese Girls at Bedugul Tabanan Bali

Balinese Girls at Bedugul Tabanan Bali

Once we are satisfied explore Bedugul botanical garden, we can shop for various types of agricultural products in the markets in the region.