Thursday, August 23, 2012

Penjor for Galungan celebrations in August 2012, it must be prepared from now

Penjor for Galungan celebrations in August 2012, it must be prepared from now
Penjor is one means of celebrating Galungan, and is a symbol of mountain that gives safety and welfare of the people of Bali. Penjor made ​​from a piece of bamboo, the curved edges, decorated with palm leaves and other foliage, which is decorated in such a way as to make it look beautiful. Penjor mounting purposes is as a form of devotion and thanks ever tender man to God in the celebration of Galungan. Penjor mounted in front of the house the day before Galungan.

The Balinese is now preparing the raw material for making penjor. Although Galungan far. But all the preparations to make penjor been prepared starting from now. Because in some places in Bali, looking for raw materials for penjor very difficult. Especially in urban areas. Since most of the raw material for making penjor, obtained from nature.

Raw materials are the most difficult to come to make penjor is bamboo. Bamboo is used is still intact. No torn or cut. Bamboo is used for penjor should have a height corresponding to the condition of the home, as well as having a good curvature end.

Palm leaf, is the raw material for bamboo to decorate penjor. Coconut leaves are very easy to obtain. In traditional markets, palm leaves are very easy to obtain, at a reasonable price. Coconut leaves used to be young. And better still use palm leaves that are yellow. Because the yellow color to the Balinese meaningful fertility and prosperity.

For people who have high activity, which did not have a chance to make penjor, now there are vendors selling penjor a ready installed. There is also a ready manufacturing services penjor came home, the price is definitely more expensive.