Friday, August 31, 2012

Bali Botanic Garden (Bedugul) is the most faforit while on holiday in Bali during the celebration of Galungan

When the holiday Galungan, Balinese vacation Many family attractions in Bali. Most of them look crowded places, to enjoy a different atmosphere.

Residents and other domestic tourists in Bali, many take advantage of Galungan holiday by visiting the tourist attraction in Bali Botanical Garden, Bedugul Tabanan regency, Bali.

From the reports obtained from various sources in the media, since the morning, a tourist attraction in Bedugul area, the air is cool, it has been packed.

If the normal holiday tourist traffic reached 1,000 people, the holiday time is increased significantly, dominated by domestic tourists. While a normal day, tourists visit only about 200 people.

To provide choice and susana different than before, since last July, the manager has opened a new regional treats objects with Dinosaur Park.

In Dinosaur Park, visitors are invited to look closely various species of moss that has historical significance as the human civilization.

To give a different feel, as it passed in the street entered the botanical gardens, the bolder (garden center), has been planted with new crops. Every six months berbabagai types of plants and flowers were replaced so as not to bore visitors.