Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 17, 2012, the Republic of Indonesia's independence day celebration of the 67th

Indonesia national flag raising ceremony, held regularly every year

Indonesia has been independent for 67 years of occupation. Over the past 67 years, Indonesia commemorate Independence Day. Routine is celebrated every year, in August. Many activities are held. Core activity is the celebration of the Indonesian national flag raising ceremony.

Indonesia national flag raising ceremony, held regularly every year. Precisely on August 17. The date of Indonesia's independence. This celebration is on hold in all regions in Indonesia. With the aim of recalling the heroes of the struggle against the invaders, until Indonesia's independence.

Indonesia flag is red and white. Colored red on the top, and bottom is white. Red symbolizes the courage of Indonesian, and the white symbolizes the purity of Indonesian.

Celebration ceremony attended by local leaders, students, soldiers, police, and etc.. In celebration of this, the core is the flag-raising ceremony.

Flag raising ceremony is held twice a day, ie in the morning, and in the afternoon. Morning is the flag-raising ceremony, and the evening is a decrease in the flag ceremony.

Flag-raising done by the students elected. The selected students were given military education. Learning self-discipline, and learning procedures for hoisting the national flag. So that they are ready to perform in the Indonesian national flag raising ceremony.

After the ceremony, usually held entertainment activities. Not infrequently the traditional race was held.