Saturday, August 4, 2012

Arak Bali, Balinese alcoholic drinks, mixed with methanol, can result in death

Arak Bali, Balinese alcoholic drinks
Arak Bali (Balinese alcoholic drink) is a typical Balinese alcoholic beverages. Arak Bali made ​​from fermented coconut juice, and fruit. Alcoholic fermentation is high enough. Usually made ​​in north Bali, in Karangasem regency. Traditionally made the people of Bali, a small industry. Arak Bali have been made since time immemorial, from generation to generation and continue to be made up to now.

Arak Bali produced very little by the manufacturer. But by the supplier, this drink is taken from the number of Arak makers. Then sold illegally. Because Arak Bali not allowed to be sold freely by the government. As a result, many are distilled Arak Bali illegally by some suppliers. Distilled with a variety of hazardous substances.

Some of the Balinese, love Arak Bali. According to them, alcohol is very delicious, and steady in the drink. Arak Bali is still pure, not mixed with other ingredients, for those who like alcoholic beverages, is felt not enjoyable, yet challenging. Thus, many of which will be consumed Arak Bali, mixed with hazardous liquids, such as methanol. Arak mixed with methanol, very dangerous for health. Can cause blindness, brain damage, and death.

There are many adverse events, resulting from mixing Arak Bali with other hazardous materials. This extreme action is often carried out by lovers of alcoholic beverages. For them, Arak mixing with hazardous liquids, and then drink it, is the act of a hero, brave, and great. They can ignore the bad that will happen. Although they knew its impact.

In Bali, Bali Arak many served in bars in the area of ​​Kuta. The goal, the managing bars, serving alcoholic beverages to the Balinese. Yet, ironically, the suppliers Arak, Arak is often mixed with hazardous liquids, such as methanol. With the goal, can provide a more comfortable feeling. But, it can be bad for health.

Many adverse events experienced by foreign tourists, after drinking Arak Bali that has been mixed with hazardous liquids. As a few days ago, a young American girl, suffered blindness after taking Arak which has been mixed with methanol.

It is expected that anyone who wants to consume Arak Bali, chose to be more selective. In order not to be bad in the future.