Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Aankomen in Bali", a novel which tells of a young Belgian who found love in Bali

You will remember, with a novel that tells of a woman's life journey, and finally found true love in Bali?. The novel is "Eat, Pray, Love", which became a movie. Thus, at the end of the story, the novel tells her story in Bali. Showing a very beautiful island, with a very unique culture.

Nowadays, it has launched a novel that was made by the Belgians. The novel is titled "Aankomen in Bali". By the end of the story which tells the story of his love in Bali. Probably similar to the novel "Eat, Pray, Love". This novel was written by the famous Belgian novelist, Ingrid Vander Veken.

The novel was removed from the real story about the life journey of a young Belgian, who since childhood have a high interest in foreign culture, particularly the eastern culture. Martin, a youth leader in the book, since little is different from other family members. In fact, Martin's childhood friends with Hang, a boy from China, who migrated to live in Belgium.

Increasingly growing up, curiosity and desire to know the deeper eastern culture, the more felt. Indonesia became one of the countries that made Martin more interested to know the culture of the east.
After graduate school, Martin ventured to go to Indonesia, the Darmasiswa enroll in the program, offered by the government of Indonesia, by learning the Indonesian language.

Apparently, Martin's departure to Indonesia is the early life history of multi-culturalism, which has made him curious. In Indonesia, he met with Eka, an Indonesian girl, who eventually became her lover.

After completing the Darmasiswa program, Martin returned to Belgium, to ask the blessing of his parents, to marry Eka. Currently they live in Bali. Part is then removed by Ingrid in his book.

According to him, not many Europeans who since childhood has been to understand foreign cultures. "This young man is different from other European youth", said by Ingrid.