Friday, August 31, 2012

Galungan holiday for the celebration has ended, vehicle congestion occurs on the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway

By the day of Galungan, the Balinese who work in the city of Denpasar, they returned home to her parents in the village. When they gathered together Galungan brothers who migrate to other regions.

After the holidays were over, Balinese back to the city to work as usual. Especially the most visible is on the   Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway.

Simultaneously they returned to the city, and crowded highways. So the  Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway very solid with vehicles.

Bali Botanic Garden (Bedugul) is the most faforit while on holiday in Bali during the celebration of Galungan

When the holiday Galungan, Balinese vacation Many family attractions in Bali. Most of them look crowded places, to enjoy a different atmosphere.

Residents and other domestic tourists in Bali, many take advantage of Galungan holiday by visiting the tourist attraction in Bali Botanical Garden, Bedugul Tabanan regency, Bali.

From the reports obtained from various sources in the media, since the morning, a tourist attraction in Bedugul area, the air is cool, it has been packed.

If the normal holiday tourist traffic reached 1,000 people, the holiday time is increased significantly, dominated by domestic tourists. While a normal day, tourists visit only about 200 people.

To provide choice and susana different than before, since last July, the manager has opened a new regional treats objects with Dinosaur Park.

In Dinosaur Park, visitors are invited to look closely various species of moss that has historical significance as the human civilization.

To give a different feel, as it passed in the street entered the botanical gardens, the bolder (garden center), has been planted with new crops. Every six months berbabagai types of plants and flowers were replaced so as not to bore visitors.

Passenger vessel ran aground in Gilimanuk, Bali

Motor Passenger Ship, Citra Mandala Sakti, ran aground in the Straits of Bali or about 500 meters before berthing at the Port Gilimanuk, Jembrana regency, Bali. As of Friday morning, the ship moored at sea corals on Thursday (30 August 2012), at approximately 9:30 pm, can not be moved.

But all the passengers, departing from the Port of Ketapang, Banyuwangi regency, East Java, was declared safe and can be evacuated in stages starting at 00.00 pm to Gilimanuk port.

Gilimanuk port administrators and PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry still investigating the cause of the accident ferry without causing casualties.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This August, two tourists from Japan and Denmark, died while diving at Nusa Penida Bali

Often tourists killed by diving in Bali is a big question. Moreover, the time span is not so far away. This month there were two tourists who died while diving in Bali. After the Japanese tourists, a tourist from Denmark is now known to have died while diving in the ocean Nusa Penida, Klungkung. Is it safe to dive in the sea of Nusa Penida?

Henrik Ent Jensen (44), died while diving at Kristal Bay, Nusa Penida, Klungkung regency, at 10:00 AM, on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. Police said, when she was found, her body floating in Crystal Bay beach.

Mentioned, Mr. Henrik diving in sea of Nusa Penida at 07.30 AM. He dives into a traditional boat, King Fisher.

But soon, a tourist from Denmark has been found dead at 10.00 AM. His body was found in a floating condition. Residents could take him to the health center, but confirmed the victim had died at sea.

Previously, tourists from Japan, Ai Tanaka (34), also died while diving at Nusa Penida, Monday, August 27, 2012. The bodies of Japanese tourists were found at a depth of 43 meters.

Now, the bodies placed in Sanglah Hospital. Police are still waiting for permission from the families of the victims, and the victims of the embassy before doing an autopsy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The man from Australia was found dead in his car

A man stateless nationality Australia, Colin Edward Row Ley (68), was found dead in his car, which was parked in his garage, in Perumahan Sari Jimbaran, Jalan Taman Baruna Blok Melati 4, Jimbaran, Kuta, Badung. Local police could not confirm the death of the man's motives. But he allegedly died from suicide. Edward corpse in a sitting position on the seat, with a nose bleed. The victim is a retired British army.

The man was first found dead by his wife on Sunday (August 26, 2012), late afternoon, in his car. Alleged suicide because it is caused by problems at home. Before it was found dead, the victim and his wife had an argument. As a result of that, his wife chose to sleep in a hotel with her ​​two children.

Based on information from the police, while the results of the investigation, the police suspect the victim died from inhaling toxic gas, which comes from car exhaust fumes. Connected with car exhaust hose, which was tied and the end, the hose is inserted through the back door. So that exhaust gas exhaust into the car. Police also found dozens of bottles of empty alcoholic beverage in the car, and a cell phone belonging to the victim.

To ascertain the cause of death, the police are still doing checks to conduct crime scene.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Come to Bali during the celebration of Galungan, then you will feel the atmosphere of the real Bali

Come to Bali during the celebration of Galungan, then you will feel the atmosphere of the real Bali

If you want to experience the real feel of Bali, come to Bali during the celebration of Galungan. Galungan falls on August 29, 2012, Bali time. Since the celebration of Galungan in Bali, all Hindus in Bali, Galungan perform ceremonies.

Nuance is very visible when Galungan is, every street in Bali decorated by penjor. Because every family in Bali, shall install penjor front of the house during the celebration of Galungan.

When Galungan, all temples in Bali conducting the ceremony. Ceremonies are performed routinely at Galungan. Which is the day of victory of Dharma against Adharma.

It would be better if you try to take a walk into the countryside in Bali. As it comes to Ubud, to witness the Balinese celebrate Galungan with family worship at the temple, and at the local pretended.

You can come to Bali three days before the celebration of Galungan. Three days before Galungan there are many activities that people do in Bali. Two days before Galungan called Penyajaan Galungan. Which means the day to make snacks, supplies material for the ceremony. And the day before Galungan called Penampahan Galungan, which means the days to slaughter cattle.

So, the atmosphere is really Bali, there was the celebration of Galungan. Starting from the three days before the celebration of Galungan in Bali.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bali led by the governor

Bali is a province, and is part of the territory of Indonesia. Bali led by the governor, and called by the Governor of Bali. Bali governor led the nine counties and cities. The nine districts and cities in Bali, subject to any regulations made ​​by the Governor of Bali.

Bali since its establishment as a province, has led a total of nine periods leadership of the governor. Starting from the first period in 1950 by Anak Agung Bagus Sutedja. And Bali is currently led by I Made Mangku Pastika, since August 28, 2008. And ended in 2013.

Before the reform of Indonesia, and regional autonomy, Bali governor elected by the parliament. But after reformati running, and established regional autonomy, Bali governor elected directly by the people of Bali.

I Made Mangku Pastika

Bali Governor current term of office will expire in 2013. And in 2013 will be held direct election of the Governor of Bali. Since this time, competition among candidates for governor to win the hearts of the Balinese has lasted quite fierce.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Balinese Hindu ceremony on August 29, 2012, is a celebration of Galungan, the triumph of good over evil

Balinese Hindu ceremony on August 29, 2012, is a celebration of Galungan, the triumph of good over evil

August 29, 2012 was a great day for Balinese Hindus. Because the day is triumph of good against evil, Dharma against Adharma. Galungan ceremonies always done every six months in Bali. And a big ceremony for all Hindus in Bali. The atmosphere in Bali when Galungan will look vibrant and lively. Installation penjor on every street in front of the people of Bali. The statues were wrapped in white cloth and yellow.

Galungan is the day is eagerly awaited by the people of Bali, especially children in Bali. For children the Balinese, Galungan celebrations each, they got new clothes, a lot of pocket money, good food, and all the things that children enjoy. And it is a victory for them.

So, any celebration of Galungan in Bali, synonymous with fun and excitement. Gathered with family, long holidays and festivities.

Holidays in Indonesia has ended, Bali solid back

Eid holiday celebration in Indonesia has ended. Bali re-packed by the Javanese who worked to Bali. Many people come to Bali Java. They consider Bali is an easy place to make money. Thus, the Javanese who had no job, come to Bali looking for work.

Most Javanese, who came to Bali, religion Islam. So every year on a regular basis, every celebration of Eid, they return to Java to gather with their families. At Eid it's Bali becomes more quiet and peaceful.

Loneliness did not last long. Because after Eid holidays over, they come back to Bali. And maybe bring their families more. So that Bali is becoming increasingly crowded by the newcomers.

Penjor for Galungan celebrations in August 2012, it must be prepared from now

Penjor for Galungan celebrations in August 2012, it must be prepared from now
Penjor is one means of celebrating Galungan, and is a symbol of mountain that gives safety and welfare of the people of Bali. Penjor made ​​from a piece of bamboo, the curved edges, decorated with palm leaves and other foliage, which is decorated in such a way as to make it look beautiful. Penjor mounting purposes is as a form of devotion and thanks ever tender man to God in the celebration of Galungan. Penjor mounted in front of the house the day before Galungan.

The Balinese is now preparing the raw material for making penjor. Although Galungan far. But all the preparations to make penjor been prepared starting from now. Because in some places in Bali, looking for raw materials for penjor very difficult. Especially in urban areas. Since most of the raw material for making penjor, obtained from nature.

Raw materials are the most difficult to come to make penjor is bamboo. Bamboo is used is still intact. No torn or cut. Bamboo is used for penjor should have a height corresponding to the condition of the home, as well as having a good curvature end.

Palm leaf, is the raw material for bamboo to decorate penjor. Coconut leaves are very easy to obtain. In traditional markets, palm leaves are very easy to obtain, at a reasonable price. Coconut leaves used to be young. And better still use palm leaves that are yellow. Because the yellow color to the Balinese meaningful fertility and prosperity.

For people who have high activity, which did not have a chance to make penjor, now there are vendors selling penjor a ready installed. There is also a ready manufacturing services penjor came home, the price is definitely more expensive.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

October 12, 2012, its 10th year Bali bombings, the Bali bombing memorial will be attended by the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard

October 12, 2012, its 10th year Bali bombings, the Bali bombing memorial will be attended by the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard
Commemorating the 2002 Bali bombings. In 2012, the Bali bombing memorial will be held in two locations in Bali and Australia.

"This is a sad moment that has a big impact for Australia as a nation, as well as for the families of the victims," Gillard.

On October 12, 2012, the date of the tragedy that occurred in Kuta Bali. Bali bombing memorial will be held in Bali, and in Canberra, to commemorate the victims of the incident. Gillard will be present in Bali, while in Canberra, will be led by the Governor-General Quentin Bryce.

The Australian Government will provide financial assistance to the families of the victims of Bali bombing, to attend a ceremony in Bali. Financial assistance includes airfare, accommodation in Bali, travel insurance and visa costs, as given in the first year. Assistance was given to the families of the 88 Australians killed in the Bali bombing.

In Bali, the Bali bombing memorial in 2012, was held at the GWK (GarudaWisnuKencana).

Monday, August 20, 2012

Weather in Bali today, this month of August 2012, the air temperature in Bali is at the top of the hottest

Weather in Bali today is very hot. There was no rain. That there is a wind that was blowing hard. In August 2012, the air temperature in Bali is at the top of the hottest. Because the sun shifts to the south. Before the sun is north of the equator.

Temperatures in Bali this month an average of 29 degrees Celsius during the day. And at night temperatures average 22 degrees Celsius. With very high humidity.

With conditions such as air temperature, many of the Balinese feel very hot during the day, and cold at night. Still very lucky with the people of Bali are located in southern Bali, because the humidity is very high in southern Bali. So the heat is felt not so burning the skin.

Unlike in northern Bali. There the air is very dry, very little moisture. Thus, the heat is felt very burned skin.

During the day, the wind was blowing hard. This condition is used by children for flying kites. In the current Padanggalak festivals are held a kite. Take advantage of wind conditions blowing it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bali is a province, not a country

Bali is a province, not a country

Bali is very famous in many countries. Almost everyone knows Bali. Because Bali is a famous tourist destination in the world.

Because it is so popular, many people think Bali is a separate country. Actual fact, Bali is a province. Small province, over a very small island, which consists of nine districts.

Many tourists think Indonesia is part of Bali. The real fact is, Bali part of Indonesia.

That means that Bali is more popular than Indonesia. Balinese people should be proud.

"Aankomen in Bali", a novel which tells of a young Belgian who found love in Bali

You will remember, with a novel that tells of a woman's life journey, and finally found true love in Bali?. The novel is "Eat, Pray, Love", which became a movie. Thus, at the end of the story, the novel tells her story in Bali. Showing a very beautiful island, with a very unique culture.

Nowadays, it has launched a novel that was made by the Belgians. The novel is titled "Aankomen in Bali". By the end of the story which tells the story of his love in Bali. Probably similar to the novel "Eat, Pray, Love". This novel was written by the famous Belgian novelist, Ingrid Vander Veken.

The novel was removed from the real story about the life journey of a young Belgian, who since childhood have a high interest in foreign culture, particularly the eastern culture. Martin, a youth leader in the book, since little is different from other family members. In fact, Martin's childhood friends with Hang, a boy from China, who migrated to live in Belgium.

Increasingly growing up, curiosity and desire to know the deeper eastern culture, the more felt. Indonesia became one of the countries that made Martin more interested to know the culture of the east.
After graduate school, Martin ventured to go to Indonesia, the Darmasiswa enroll in the program, offered by the government of Indonesia, by learning the Indonesian language.

Apparently, Martin's departure to Indonesia is the early life history of multi-culturalism, which has made him curious. In Indonesia, he met with Eka, an Indonesian girl, who eventually became her lover.

After completing the Darmasiswa program, Martin returned to Belgium, to ask the blessing of his parents, to marry Eka. Currently they live in Bali. Part is then removed by Ingrid in his book.

According to him, not many Europeans who since childhood has been to understand foreign cultures. "This young man is different from other European youth", said by Ingrid.

Eat Pray Love a great impact on tourist arrivals to Bali

"Eat, Pray, Love", tells the story of Elizabeth Gilbert, a woman who has everything. A husband, a house, and a brilliant career. Meanwhile, he struggled to get pregnant, Liz realizes that she needs to take a change in his life. He wanted to look for, what is she wants in life.

Liz recently divorced, and then the courage to risk all, to change his life. He travels the world, to discover his true identity. In his travels, he discovers the meaning of pleasure with eating Italian food, the power of prayer in India, and ultimately, peace and balance of true love in Bali, Indonesia.

Since the film is touted all over the world, the number of visiting foreign tourists coming to Bali, is currently increasing. Most likely they were inspired by the film.

The most visible of the number of tourists coming to Bali, is the increase in participants taking yoga at the yoga studio in Bali. They were inspired by the film. Travelers hoping to get something similar to a scene in the film.

In the film, really looks beautiful Bali. Who watched the film must have felt the coolness of Bali, although only in the film. The possibility of that, many tourists who come to Bali.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 17, 2012, the Republic of Indonesia's independence day celebration of the 67th

Indonesia national flag raising ceremony, held regularly every year

Indonesia has been independent for 67 years of occupation. Over the past 67 years, Indonesia commemorate Independence Day. Routine is celebrated every year, in August. Many activities are held. Core activity is the celebration of the Indonesian national flag raising ceremony.

Indonesia national flag raising ceremony, held regularly every year. Precisely on August 17. The date of Indonesia's independence. This celebration is on hold in all regions in Indonesia. With the aim of recalling the heroes of the struggle against the invaders, until Indonesia's independence.

Indonesia flag is red and white. Colored red on the top, and bottom is white. Red symbolizes the courage of Indonesian, and the white symbolizes the purity of Indonesian.

Celebration ceremony attended by local leaders, students, soldiers, police, and etc.. In celebration of this, the core is the flag-raising ceremony.

Flag raising ceremony is held twice a day, ie in the morning, and in the afternoon. Morning is the flag-raising ceremony, and the evening is a decrease in the flag ceremony.

Flag-raising done by the students elected. The selected students were given military education. Learning self-discipline, and learning procedures for hoisting the national flag. So that they are ready to perform in the Indonesian national flag raising ceremony.

After the ceremony, usually held entertainment activities. Not infrequently the traditional race was held.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Miss World 2013 will be held in Bali

Miss World 2013 will be held in Bali
Bali became the venue for the Miss World 2013. Miss World 2013 will be held at Penebel village, Tabanan regency. Tabanan chosen because they support the concept of alignments to the environment, or 'go green', and Subak (traditional irrigation organization in Bali), also earned achievements as World Cultural Heritage, as well as the Tabanan area is a major rice suppliers in Bali. Most of the Tabanan area is agricultural land, and the green region, thus supporting the provision as a place of Miss World 2013.

Miss World is an international beauty pageant, which was initiated by Eric Morley in 1951, and was first held in Britain. First held a bikini contest, but then the media is touted as Miss World.

With that confidence, indicating that travelers now prefer to go to places with a natural atmosphere. And Bali is still believed to be a safe area and is still worth visiting. Apart from Tabanan, actually there are many other areas in Bali, even in Indonesia, which has the potential to be great, but for the attraction of unspoiled nature, for use as a place of the provision of this international event. However, Bali residents deserved pride in it.

Culture in Tabanan is still very well preserved. All forms of events and activities of people in Tabanan, still adopts that require them to live in harmony with nature and the environment. Perhaps for that reason, so choose a spot of Tabanan in the provision of Miss World 2013.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The atmosphere of the sea in the strait of Bali, at the port of Gilimanuk and Ketapang

The atmosphere of the sea in the strait of Bali, at the port of Gilimanuk and Ketapang

Want to Java, from Bali, by sea, past the port of Gilimanuk, leading to the port of Ketapang in Java. You will feel happy, but also feel tense, may also fear. Because the sea in the straits of Bali is very terrible. Because of ocean currents in the strait of Bali, very heavy, and very dangerous for inexperienced boaters. Try to feel alone.

If you want to go to Java via the port of Gilimanuk, or if you are from Java to Bali through the port of Ketapang, taken for 30 minutes. If you use the ferry.

In the midst of the sea, you will be surprised, if the first time through this pathway. Because the ship is heading straight to Java, and vice versa. The ship will move against the flow of the sea, towards the middle. After dipertangahan, will ship by ocean currents dihanyudkan down to the harbor.

In the midst of the sea, you will feel tense, because the big waves and strong currents.

The atmosphere of the sea in the strait of Bali, at the port of Gilimanuk and Ketapang

The atmosphere of the sea in the strait of Bali, at the port of Gilimanuk and Ketapang

The atmosphere of the sea in the strait of Bali, at the port of Gilimanuk and Ketapang

The atmosphere of the sea in the strait of Bali, at the port of Gilimanuk and Ketapang

The atmosphere of the sea in the strait of Bali, at the port of Gilimanuk and Ketapang

The atmosphere of the sea in the strait of Bali, at the port of Gilimanuk and Ketapang

The atmosphere of the sea in the strait of Bali, at the port of Gilimanuk and Ketapang

August 14, is the day Anggarkasih Julungwangi

On August 14, according to the Balinese calendar, the day Anggarkasih Julungwangi. The day was also called Anggarkasih Panguduhan. For the Balinese, the day is to begin the cleanup kahyangan. In relation to the celebration of Galungan.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Indonesia welcomes the celebration of Independence Day, the 67th, on August 17, 2012 that will come

Indonesia welcomes the celebration of Independence Day, the 67th, on August 17, 2012 that will come

Indonesia's independence day celebration, on August 17, 2012, beginning with the parade marching. Parade marched, marched skills is the art of a number of people in groups, to promote compactness, and neatness marched. The race is held each year marched, which means, given the spirit of struggle heroes, who had fought against the invaders.

Bebaris race held each August, before the celebration commemorating the independence of Indonesia, on August 17. All regions in Indonesia, would hold art contests marched. This race must be followed by students, ranging from the basic level students, to high level students. The race begins the day of the last few days. Each region has a different contest schedule. Depending on the readiness and ability of each region.

The race marched to walk with a distance far enough. Starting from a distance of 5 km, a distance of 45 km. There are many categories of the contest to judgment.

Indonesia welcomes the celebration of Independence Day, the 67th, on August 17, 2012 that will come

Indonesia welcomes the celebration of Independence Day, the 67th, on August 17, 2012 that will come

Indonesia welcomes the celebration of Independence Day, the 67th, on August 17, 2012 that will come

Indonesia welcomes the celebration of Independence Day, the 67th, on August 17, 2012 that will come

Indonesia welcomes the celebration of Independence Day, the 67th, on August 17, 2012 that will come

Friday, August 10, 2012

Why do earthquakes happen frequently in Bali?

Why do earthquakes happen frequently in Bali?

Bali island is part of the many islands in Indonesia. Bali island has many mountains, with two mountains that are still active, and can erupt at any time. The mountain is Mount Batur and Mount Agung. Every island in Indonesia, the condition is almost the same as in Bali. Has a volcano. Which can erupt at any time.

The quake was the original jolt in the earth's crust, as a symptom of driving from tektonisme activity, and volcanism, and sometimes it ruins the earth locally. That can be felt at the time of the earthquake is a vibration of the earth where we are at that time. The earth shook sideways and upwards.

Why do earthquakes happen frequently in Bali?

Indonesian territory included in the pacific ring of fire, which is also known as the Pacific earthquake belt. In this belt, is lined with volcanic mountains (which is where the energy distribution of the earth), which some mountain in Bali. In addition, inter-continental plates in Indonesia, each year to shift, if the pressure caused by the moving plate can not stand by the edge of the plate, then an earthquake, which can occur at any time in Bali.

From these facts, it makes Bali extremely vulnerable to earthquakes. In fact, Bali is very prone to tsunami. Bali is very common in an earthquake, and small vibrations are not felt.

Yesterday, on August 9, 2012, shook the island of Bali. Vibration caused by the earthquake. The quake, measuring 5.6 hichter scale. Balinese people panicked. A lot of people out of their homes, afraid of falling rubble. Fortunately, no damage caused by the earthquake yesterday. And no fatalities and injuries as well.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

An earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale, shook Bali, Thursday, August 9, 2012

An earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale, shook Bali, Thursday, August 9, 2012
Bali, in the evening about 7:04 at night, shaking the island of Bali. The vibration caused by the earthquake. 5.6 magnitude earthquake, which occurred near the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, the vibration was up to Bali. The quake was felt in Bali, the Balinese people to panic, but not up to earthquake damage and casualties.

Vibration that lasts for three to five seconds felt in Denpasar and Badung region. Also felt in Jembrana district. But in the west of Bali, the earthquake is not so panicked people of Bali. Because not all people feel this vibration.

According to a report submitted by the BMKG (Meteorological and Geophysical Agency), an earthquake measuring magnitude 5.6, located at 9.27 South Latitude (LS) and 11.637 east longitude (BT), or about 61 km southeast of Central Lombok. The quake occurred at a depth of 77 km below the ground.

Although the resonance is only a few seconds, but could make a lot of people panic. Fear is also felt by people living on the beach. They fear a tsunami, as happened in other parts of Indonesia.

Bali is very common in an earthquake like this, because Bali is located in the path of volcanic mountains of the world.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pulaki forest fires

Pulaki forest fires
Forests in the region Pulaki, Banyupoh village, Gerokgak district, Buleleng, Bali, a fire on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, yesterday. The cause is unknown, but the fire had burned trees at the top boutiques in the afternoon.

The fire occurred about 200 meters from the temple of Pulaki. Precisely in the west temple of Pulaki. The fire suddenly appeared, burning grasses, twigs, and trees, and quickly spread to the top of the hill in Pulaki. Many trees are burned. Compounded by the extremely hot weather conditions. So the fire quickly spread.

The fire is expected to appear at 10 am. Initially a very small fire, but the wind was blowing hard, and the air is very hot conditions, the fire was quickly spreading every related area.

Until 3 pm, the fire still burning, and burn the forest to an area of ​​three hectares. Triggers are also extinguished the fire, because most of the region's many plant weeds are dry.

In the region, indeed often a forest fire. Due to weather conditions there are very hot and arid.

Balinese traditional dress a must-have while in Bali

Balinese traditional dress a must-have while in Bali

Balinese traditional dress there is more variety. The dress is simple, plain dress, fancy dress, dress greatness, and many more types of dress. But, in fact, all the dress of the Balinese have the basic equipment that must exist in traditional Balinese dress fittings.

That must exist in the dress of the Balinese are:
- Udeng (Balinese headbands for men)
- Clothes that fit.
- Kamben (subordinate slipcover)
- Senteng (waist-binding cloth)

During the holidays, try to Bali

During the holidays, try to Bali
During the holidays, try to Bali

During the holidays, people will think, where to travel. Especially for people who live in the northern hemisphere, as in England, and Canada. Winter holidays, when winter is very cold, which requires them to go to a warmer area, especially during the holidays. And the best place to vacation in the winter is a country that is close to the equator of the earth.

Bali, a tropical climate. Having a hot air but with high humidity. Because Bali is a small island surrounded by a vast ocean. And have the mountains and rain forests.

Bali is the perfect destination when the winter holidays. Because tourist destinations in Bali is very complete and varied. Want to find the mountain, there, want to find the sea, close, to look for wahaya recreation, a lot.

Tourism in mountain areas in Bali, there are a lot of variety. Waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and fresh, refreshing woods It'll make you very happy, fast access, and within easy reach, making your time is not wasted.

If you choose a beach in Bali there are many famous tourist beaches. Such as the beach of Kuta, Seminyak, NusaDua, Padang-padang, and others. Easily accessible, and inexpensive, there are many cheap and luxurious accommodation.

Want to water rides, there are many in Bali. As Waterboom, diving, surfing, and lots of water wanaha in Bali, which will definitely make you spellbound.

Surely, if your vacation to Bali, have nothing to lose, and that would be nice. But remember one thing, if you are with the family on holiday to Bali, make sure they really want Bali. If not, it's useless to bring your family to come to Bali if they do not want it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tourists from France, died dragged the waves in Bali

Tourists from France, Cristian De Marco, died dragged the waves, while snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon Beach, Padangbai, Bali, Monday, August 6, 2012. Big wave came suddenly, and then sank the tourist.

Victim's body was found snagged on a rock, is about 200 meters from the shoreline. Part of the victim's head full of collision injuries. It is estimated the death toll due to hit the rocks when exposed to large waves.

Cristian on holiday to Bali with his wife, Suryani Sembiring (48), a resident of Medan, North Sumatra. Suryani claimed to have banned her husband playing snorkeling, because only 30 minutes arrived at the Blue Lagoon, after a visit to Amed Beach, Karangasem district.

Initially, this couple are planning to stay overnight in Padangbai, before continuing the trip to Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, and Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Monday, August 6, 2012

In Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, always a jam, and the deadly accident

In Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, always a jam, and the deadly accident

Sunday, August 5, 2012, in Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, an accident of death. The accident occurred at a sharp bend, did Tabanan. Overthrow of a large truck. Luckily there were no casualties. In this area is often an accident, which by comparing the road very slippery, with sharp turns, and the ramp is very high, and very steep decline, the slope is very large.

Long traffic jams occur on the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway. Stress is a big hit the road use. Congestion occurs almost sati hours, and the extent to tens of kilometers.

In Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, always a jam, and the deadly accident

A man jumped from a plane at Ngurah Rai Airport

A citizen of Iran, Foroughin Monteza Baratali (25), jumped from the plane, at Ngurah Rai Airport. He had a broken bone. The man will be deported to his country, for breaking into imigrasian, passport problems. He immediately secured, and handled by the immigration authorities at Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport. When she arrived in Bali, the people of Iran were down at Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, from Qatar Air flight.

After holding the man, a few hours at the airport. When about boarding, Baratali first entered the plane through the front door. Unexpectedly, he tried to escape, by opening the rear door of the plane, then jump. Baratali jump from the plane performed on Saturday, August 4, 2012, approximately 10 pm. The man suffered broken bones, lower spine, left scapula, and bones Pinggu. Today he was hospitalized Bali international calls Medical Center (BIMC), Kuta.

Deportation plan, said Maroloan, it will be done but is still waiting for the victim poses a health recovery.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Drink Arak Bali that is still pure, can be obtained directly from the manufacturer in Karangasem regency

Drink Arak Bali that is still pure, can be obtained directly from the manufacturer in Karangasem regency
Arak Bali has a very high alcohol content. And favored by drinkers of alcohol. Made in a simple and traditional. By the Balinese, and most manufacturers Arak Bali, is made in Karangasem regency. Manufacturer Arak Bali, is a family business and individuals. And a small industry that's been made by generations, from ancient times.

Arak Bali merchant, buy from small producers in Karangasem, with a very cheap price, and illegal activities. And then, merchants, distribute Arak Bali, the traders of alcoholic beverages to the rest of Bali, including to the bar in Bali.

Before the sale, usually mixed with certain fluids Arak Bali, so it's more enjoyable and not sour. Ironically, some rogue traders, Arak Bali mixed with methanol, hazardous chemicals, which can cause death. With the goal, to give a warmer feeling for the drinker.

Arak Bali has long been taken by the Balinese. But there was no report of death or other bad things, relating to drinking Arak Bali pristine. However, often there are reports of deaths and fatal health problems, and drank Arak Bali which is mixed with harmless liquids, such as, methanol, batteries water, kerosene, and other hazardous materials. Arak Bali safe to drink if the dozen that are not excessive. Alcoholic beverages of any kind, if taken in excess, can damage health.

American girls are blind, after drinking Arak Bali, Balinese alcoholic beverages

A girl from the United States (U.S.), suffered permanent visual impairment, blindness, after drinking several glasses of Arak Bali, the two bars in Bali. Cause, because the Arak contain harmful chemicals, methanol, which can be blinding.

Starting a few months ago, when 19-year-old girl, drink 8 to 10 glasses of wine Bali is presented, in two bars in the area of ​​Bali. From Bali, the girl then went to New Zealand, and colleagues. However, when he got there, she began experiencing shortness of breath, and felt his eyesight diminished.

After 35 hours, since drinking Arak Bali, she was treated in the emergency room, Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand. Doctors said the girl methanol poisoning. Then almost four weeks in hospital, she began to lose his eyesight. As said on

Arak Bali, Balinese alcoholic drinks, mixed with methanol, can result in death

Arak Bali, Balinese alcoholic drinks
Arak Bali (Balinese alcoholic drink) is a typical Balinese alcoholic beverages. Arak Bali made ​​from fermented coconut juice, and fruit. Alcoholic fermentation is high enough. Usually made ​​in north Bali, in Karangasem regency. Traditionally made the people of Bali, a small industry. Arak Bali have been made since time immemorial, from generation to generation and continue to be made up to now.

Arak Bali produced very little by the manufacturer. But by the supplier, this drink is taken from the number of Arak makers. Then sold illegally. Because Arak Bali not allowed to be sold freely by the government. As a result, many are distilled Arak Bali illegally by some suppliers. Distilled with a variety of hazardous substances.

Some of the Balinese, love Arak Bali. According to them, alcohol is very delicious, and steady in the drink. Arak Bali is still pure, not mixed with other ingredients, for those who like alcoholic beverages, is felt not enjoyable, yet challenging. Thus, many of which will be consumed Arak Bali, mixed with hazardous liquids, such as methanol. Arak mixed with methanol, very dangerous for health. Can cause blindness, brain damage, and death.

There are many adverse events, resulting from mixing Arak Bali with other hazardous materials. This extreme action is often carried out by lovers of alcoholic beverages. For them, Arak mixing with hazardous liquids, and then drink it, is the act of a hero, brave, and great. They can ignore the bad that will happen. Although they knew its impact.

In Bali, Bali Arak many served in bars in the area of ​​Kuta. The goal, the managing bars, serving alcoholic beverages to the Balinese. Yet, ironically, the suppliers Arak, Arak is often mixed with hazardous liquids, such as methanol. With the goal, can provide a more comfortable feeling. But, it can be bad for health.

Many adverse events experienced by foreign tourists, after drinking Arak Bali that has been mixed with hazardous liquids. As a few days ago, a young American girl, suffered blindness after taking Arak which has been mixed with methanol.

It is expected that anyone who wants to consume Arak Bali, chose to be more selective. In order not to be bad in the future.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Galungan celebration in Bali a few weeks away, preparations have been made by the Balinese

Galungan celebration in Bali a few weeks away, preparations have been made by the Balinese
Galungan celebration in Bali a few weeks away, which is on August 29, 2012. Galungan for the Balinese is a great day, happy day, a day of fun. Especially for children, Galungan is a day full of joy. Especially for Balinese Hindus. Galungan have meaning, the victory of good against evil (Dharma against Adharma).

On August 29, 2012 Galungan celebration later, it might be a little more special, because this is the month of August the independence of Indonesia. So the Balinese have a double victory. The win against evil, and the victory against the invaders.

As usual, preparing to welcome Galungan, always the same as the previous Galungan preparations. Such as, preparation means a religious ceremony. Balinese people who keep pigs, was getting ready to sell his pigs. Because Galungan synonymous with cutting pork. It has become a tradition of Bali.

Some people also have to prepare penjor. Penjor is mandatory as a means of celebration Galungan. Penjor made ​​from various kinds of agricultural products. Meaningful sense of gratitude for the gift of God, for giving abundance of food to the people of Bali.

When Galungan celebration is an ideal time for tourists to learn the culture of Bali. Come mingle with the people of Bali. And feel to the Balinese.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis holiday in Bali

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis holiday in Bali
Any news from the world of celebrities. Actor actress movie, Two and a Half Men, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis took actress, tourists to Bali, in a romantic atmosphere, at a five star resort on the southern peninsula of Bali. Each cottage is a luxury resort that has a wooden four-poster bed where installing netting, aka sunken bath flat on the floor in the room, and private pool.

In the circulation of news in the media, Ashton was the first kiss by Mila Kunis in the series "That 70s Show".

In proclaim also, Mila Kunis, is a third person, from the destruction of household Demi Moore and Ashton.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dumm... The bomb exploded at Kuta Bali, Bali's tourism industry slumped

Bali bombings in 2002 with great destruction.
Bali bomb attacks that occurred several years ago, in 2002. And named the 2002 Bali bombings. Bombings occurred in the evening, dated October 12, 2002. The first two explosions occurred at Paddy's Pub and the Sari Club (SC) on Jalan Legian, Kuta, Bali, while the last explosion occurred near the U.S. Consulate Office. Make the Bali tourism industry slumped. Many labor stopped. Unemployment increases. Bali bomb tormented everyone in Bali. Especially for those who work in tourism. Decrease in the number of tourists to Bali from day to day to make a lot of parties concerned. Hotel revenue declined. Bali seemed on the verge of collapse.

In place of the bomb explosion, the scene was terrible. Many corpses were scattered, with a detached organs. Destroyed many cars, houses and shopping complexes, entertainment venues, cafes, restaurants, all destroyed. It was horrible. In the evening many people cerika of Kuta, that, many victims of the Bali bombings ghost, roaming. Cries of the ghosts are very scary. In fact, there are some people who see ghosts with missing body parts, passing in the bombing area.

After investigation at the scene of the bomb is completed, the area cleaned, and thrown into the sea. With the aim that all the negative things drowned in the depths of the ocean. After cleaning, a spiritual cleansing ceremony. So that all the spirits of the victims of the Bali bombing, can be calm, and re-fused to its creator. And local communities can live peacefully without being haunted.

Bali bombing destroyed many shops are a place of entertainment for tourists. Bali bomb explosive power is very large. Explosive power with a radius of up to hundreds of meters, and can be felt up to tens of kilometers. Many victims of the Bali bombing. Recorded 202 fatalities and 209 wounded or injured. Most victims come from countries Australia.

After a few years since the Bali bombings, is now, the tourism industry in Bali began to rise. Disaster does not mean the end of everything. But the tragedy is a lesson for us is getting stronger. Evidently, the Bali bombing tragedy, which occurred in Bali, making Bali increasingly well known throughout the world. Almost everyone now know Bali. Many tourism entrepreneurs passionate about his profession began.

I hope this incident does not happen again. And Bali's economy recover. And Bali is always safe, no terrorists, and the subsequent Bali bombings.

Balinese dress for beautiful Balinese girl, you deserve to try, when it comes to Bali

Balinese dress for beautiful Balinese girl, you deserve to try, when it comes to Bali
Balinese girl dresses, as seen in the photo on the side, it will definitely make you spellbound. The dress is perfect worn by the girl. Really look beautiful and attractive. Balinese dress for the Balinese girl is used at major events in Bali, such as, weddings, mepandes (mesangih).

In the photograph, the dress is used for weddings is the Balinese girl. The dress includes a simple dress in Bali. But with good makeup, the girls look very pretty.

You can try to wear this type of dress, makeup by visiting places in Bali. Or can buy supplies the dress of the Balinese, in which many existing stores throughout Bali.

Use the dress, and then capture a picture taken at the points of interest in Bali. It would be more reasonable if you take pictures with the dress of the Balinese in the temple that is widely available in Bali.

Independence day celebration of the Republic of Indonesia, on August 17, 2012, it has it starting today

Indonesia an independent state on August 17, 1945. Independent of the occupation of other countries. Mainly from the Dutch colonial state, which comes from Europe. Who colonized Indonesia more than 350 years old. And Japan, occupied more than three and a half years. For a very long suffering people of Indonesia.

In Bali, the battle against the invaders of the most famous is, Puputan Badung. Captain I Gusti Ngurah Rai, who led an army against the Dutch colonialists. Battle of the time it claimed many victims. Battle until the last blood.

Currently, Indonesia has been independent. Many activities undertaken to commemorate Independence Day. In Bali, starting today, to commemorate the independence of Indonesia, began to prepare any celebrations will be held on 17 August. Pavement painting, installation of red and white flag, panataan city park, put flags on the vehicles, and many more preparations. Celebration of the independence of Indonesia in Bali, always lively. Many parades held in Bali to commemorate the independence of Indonesia. Indonesia's independence heroes are a boon to the country.

Annual routine, which is always held every August, is a contest march. This race is always followed by all schools. In addition to moving the road race, there is another race jug is very interesting and lively, that is, the race "panjat pinang". That is the race to climb nut trees, which is installed above a variety of prizes. Usually followed by the children.

In addition to these regular activities, each area in Bali also regularly hold cultural parade, a march for independence, and various parades to commemorate the heroes of the struggle against the invaders.