Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What balinese dress to wear for ceremony?

Balinese dress to wear for ceremony
Balinese dress of many kinds. From a very simple, to very luxurious, equipped with lots of ornaments. Balinese dress for the dance are also present, and very different from other dress. And Setiat type of dance, the dress tersediri. So, the dress of the Balinese are many types and varieties. Depending on the conditions, circumstances and goals, while wearing the dress of the Balinese.

Balinese dress worn for the ceremony at the temple, in general, should be simple, polite, and clean. Expected to contain shades of color purity and glory. Colors should be selected in Balinese dress is white and yellow. Because white symbolizes purity, and the color yellow symbolizes the triumph / prosperity. White color to the boss, and yellow for the subordinate.

However, the application by the Balinese, Balinese dress for the ceremony at the temple, at present, it does not pay attention to the meaning and philosophy. Most of the Balinese people who wear a dress based on trends, fashion, and luxury. Thus, when the Balinese, came to the temple, the most visible difference in social status. Sometimes lead to social envy of everyone. Been encouraged by religious leaders, so people are going to the temple, may not show elegance, to wear a dress based on the meaning and philosophy of Hindu Bali. However, the appeal was ignored by most people of Bali.

Balinese dress for women, not the same as the Balinese dress for men. Balinese dress for women, dressed in white kebaya, and the cloth that covered the lower body. This fabric usually has a certain mitif, such as florals, leaf motifs, and so forth. Tied at the waist with a scarf. When wearing a dress for the ceremony at the temple, a woman's hair must be tied, so that hair loss does not fall in the temple area, to maintain the sanctity of the temple.

Balinese dress for men, dressed in clean white shirt, the bottom was covered with a cloth. And the fabric is covered again with a small cloth, colored yellow. In the head, wearing udeng, namely Balinese male headbands, white cloth.

The Balinese love of beauty. To add to the beauty of the body, and more interestingly, can be coupled with a range of headwear such as flowers, beads, bracelets, necklaces.