Monday, July 9, 2012

Udeng, male headband

Udeng, male headband
Udeng (udheng) is the name for a headband to a Balinese man. Udeng used by the Balinese, during traditional ceremonies, traditional gathering, religious activities, religious holidays, and sometimes are used every day by parents and religious leaders. Udeng used by the Balinese, so when the Balinese go to the temple, their hair is not messy / neat. Because, if the hairs break off and fall in the temple area, it is dirty, it can interfere with the sanctity of the temple.

Udeng have a religious meaning, where the right side, a larger or higher than the left, which marks the man prostrate on the basis of good service. Due to the Balinese, the right position symbolizes goodness, and the left symbolize evil. Era of globalization and the development of tourism in Bali today, udeng very popular with tourists, udeng a souvenir, or as typical for tourists, that have visited the island of Bali.

Udeng made ​​of cloth, with a size of no more than half a meter. Rectangular cloth. Make udeng quite complicated, for people who are not familiar, yet on the market, already available udeng variety of ready-made, and ready for use, without the need to fold udeng skills.

The price of a udeng in the market is very varied. Of low prices, to terrible price. Depending on the manufacture of udeng. Priced from $ 1, up to $ 7. Udeng very easy to obtain, almost every market and malls in Bali, sells udeng.