Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Temperatures throughout the year is getting hot in Bali

Temperatures in Bali today, very different from the temperature of yore. I very clearly felt air temperature change in Bali. As I child, I felt the air temperature is as hot right now. Once the air is so fresh and warm, but now the air is very hot. This change not only my own taste. But also all my friends. They also complained overheated when outside the home. Meanwhile, when they were little, the air is not so hot.

Changes in air temperature at this time, perhaps influenced by the effects of global warming, which is becoming a trend in world issues. Global warming can not be avoided, along with growth in population. Global warming can be avoided, even reversed, if all people want to not use vehicles, which use fossil fuels, do not cut trees, do not use equipment that can damage Earth's ozone quality.

The temperature is getting warmer in Bali, Balinese influence people's behavior. Currently Balinese increasingly harsh and angry, if it is associated with warmer air, probably due to the amount of energy wasted in the human body. Body of work requires energy, at the same time, the body also secretes fluid terntentu to keep the temperature balanced. In this condition, if a person's lack of energy, to be able to think long, then that person is easily angered. If someone is thinking short, then the person's emotions can be overwhelming, causing the person to be angry.
That is why the Balinese now become irritable.

These impacts affect the tranquility of society. Many clashes took place in Bali today. I think this clash occurs is related to the air in Bali is getting warmer. Maybe a bit strange if the air temperature was associated with frequent clashes. For example, why in the Arab and African countries is often a conflict? Maybe it's due to the extremely hot temperatures. Anyone who was there, they become emotionally unstable. Thus be a trigger of conflict, which will not expire.