Monday, July 9, 2012

Serangan Island

Serangan Island Bali
Serangan Island is a small island, located 500 meters south of Denpasar, Bali. Serangan island has a maximum of 2.9 km length, and width of 1 km. Maybe not many people know, that in Bali there is a fairly remote island of the city. There is the south coast of Sanur. Serangan wide island approximately 73 acres, occupied by local residents. Administratively, including the city of Denpasar, Bali. This small island is connected to the mainland by a bridge Serangan island. Can be used as an alternative educational tourism destinations nuanced. For those of you who want to visit the island Serangan can also use the boat, starting from Sanur, Suwung, or of Tanjung Benoa.

From the beginning of the journey to the Serangan island, when crossing the bridge, is a scene by the sea, mangrove forests, and the condition of fresh air. Many people use the bridge to the island as a place to exercise. Brisk walking, jogging, and biking. There we can see the beach with beautiful coral reefs, passing ships, and the Balinese people are friendly. See a variety of marine plants and animals when the receding shore, and enjoy the quiet waves. Stretch of golden sand, which at the shoreline east and southeast of the Serangan island. A sloping beach, making this small island dubbed the "Golden Island". Endangered sea turtles often lay their eggs on the beach landing to attack.

Serangan Island Bali
Serangan island often referred to as Turtle Island. Serangan Island is a breeding Green Turtle, which is why called as Turtle Island. While some, there are interesting moments that can be witnessed on this island, namely the process of releasing boy Green Turtle. In addition to watching turtles who were there, you can also capture the beauty of the island which is famous for its beautiful beaches, and high waves. Seraagan island has mangrove ecosystem preservation are unfortunately impaired. To prevent this, local residents and nature conservation activists newly planted mangrove seedlings. Mangroves are very significant role because it has a role in conserving nature.

Serangan history of merchant shipping started from a stop in the hammer. First, in a grueling voyage from Makassar, the sailors often stop in Serangan, to search for drinking water. After a drink there, they were finally exposed to the influence of "sira angen" (that is, to feel love / miss with Serangan). Thus, not a few of the Bugis sailors decided to stay there. Furthermore, they formed the settlement known as Kampung Bugis and had descendants to date.

On the Serangan island, there is a temple which is quite unique, that is Pura Sakenan. Pura Sakenan, is synonymous with the Serangan island. Pura Sakenan derived from the word "sakya", which means to unite the mind directly to God. You can try culinary Seraangan by visiting one of the seafood stalls. The majority offers a menu of grilled fish and crab soup. Applicants are asked to choose fresh ingredients according to taste.

Serangan island should be treated well and properly developed, in harmony with the life of local residents.