Monday, July 30, 2012

Nusa Dua-Ngurah Rai-Tanjung Benoa toll road just three meters above the sea, must be completed

Nusa Dua-Ngurah Rai-Tanjung Benoa toll road just three meters above the sea, must be completed
Toll road that would become the pride of Bali should be resolved. The tourist, community, and all the people in Bali, wants to highway projects over the sea of ​​Nusa Dua-Ngurah Rai-Tanjung Benoa, completed quickly. Because of traffic conditions in Bali getting jammed and crowded. Which cause huge losses. Loss of time, energy, fuel, and everything. During this time, bypass roads in the area was very congested by vehicles. Inconvenience the public, tourists as well, so much complained of.

Congestion in Bali has many in the media abroad. In fact, the famous American newspaper, the Times, said that Bali is a tourist destination island hell. Concerns decline of tourists who come to Bali, due to poor coverage of traffic conditions in Bali. Therefore, the project is expected to soon finalize the construction of toll roads, to beautiful Bali back in the eyes of tourists. In addition, in order to later APEC2013 Conference, which will be held in Bali, in order to run successfully, and avoid the problem of congestion that has occurred.

Initially, the highway construction plans, drawn up on land. But the Balinese do not allow it. As well as cultural and religious aspects in Bali is very strong. Building height must not exceed the tree head. Of these constraints, then the idea, build a toll road over the sea.

Along the 12 km expressway project, will be stretched over the sea, which connects Nusa Dua-Ngurah Rai-Tanjung Benoa. Targeted to be operational in July, 2013, to reduce the density of vehicles. Developer claimed that the toll project that connects Nusa Dua-Ngurah Rai-Tanjung Benoa sea, made just 3 meters above sea level. Done by the experts that are reliable. Although only three meters above sea level, the highway will remain safe for traffic at all.

The rates will apply for four-wheeled vehicles are valued at Rp 10,000. This toll was passing the motorcycle permit, at a rate of Rp 4,000. Project development process Nuss Dua-Ngurah Rai-Tanjung Benoa toll has reached 16%. Project 10 000 is claimed to absorb labor.