Friday, July 20, 2012

Jegog Parade in Jembrana Bali

Jegog is a typical art Jembrana, Bali, is the art of traditional music, which is usually accompanied by dancers. Jegog musical instrument made ​​of bamboo.

Based on information from the Government Jembrana, the plan, in August, the exact date is 3, 4, and August 5, will be held Jegog parade, Jembrana district. Jegog shown numbered 130. Jegog derived from the whole group, which is in Jembrana district.

This activity was held pertaining to the city's birthday of Negara town. As usual, every birthday Negara town, held a local art show. With the goal of preserving local culture that is not extinct. The event is regularly held every year. But to show Jegog later, a parade is held the first time en masse.

Jegog Parade will be collaborated with local singer Bali. Based on information received, this event will be very festive. However, with traditional Balinese atmosphere.