Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Indonesia, the rich countries, poor people, also in Bali

Indonesia is an agrarian country, the country's largest producer of natural resources in the world. Whatever there is in Indonesia, petroleum, gold, coal, copper, wood, food, water is abundant, all in Indonesia. But all that can not be enjoyed by our own country. Largely enjoyed by other countries. Indirectly, another country invaded the country of Indonesia. Indonesia so that the population remains poor. And Bali is part of the premises, which is a province of the dozens of provinces in Indonesia. The Balinese are very sense of injustice that occurred in this country.

Global climate change requires us to be more observant, more concerned with various issues related to food. Iklam changes greatly affect people's lives, especially in Bali. Bali as a tourist area, the majority of Balinese people work as farmers, are very concerned about climate change is happening now. Crop failure, loss, and damage to rice farmers are not free from the influence of climate change is happening now. Whether it will continue to happen?

God has provided fertile soil Bali. Broad waters. Indonesia has the highest rainfall in the world. However, the natural wealth premises are meaningless if people are not able to manage it properly. In fact, today, rice paddies and farm fields in Bali increasingly reduced, a result of land-uses, a hotel and shops, a large begagian owned by foreigners. Not greatly affect control it.

Today, after almost 67 years of Indonesia's independence, we import salt. Anchovies are also imported. Even now in the import of dried fish. Because the world soybean prices continue to rise, for the next few days, the people of Bali are not able to eat tofu and tempeh. Know the tempeh is a typical food premises. Currently, only 34 trillion, or 3% of the Indonesian state budget, allocated for the agricultural sector. 18 trillion is used for fertilizer subsidies, 16 billion for the regular budget of the Ministry of Agriculture.

For comparison, budget travel in 2012 state budget was 24 trillion rupiah. While the people starve, some of the apparatus of government, chose to walk out of the country using public money. Does not care what happens to the people of Indonesia. In Bali, including one of the largest foreign exchange contributor to Indonesia, there are still many poor people. Even in some areas in Bali, its people suffer from malnutrition. Very ironic.