Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Independence day celebration of the Republic of Indonesia, on August 17, 2012, it has it starting today

Indonesia an independent state on August 17, 1945. Independent of the occupation of other countries. Mainly from the Dutch colonial state, which comes from Europe. Who colonized Indonesia more than 350 years old. And Japan, occupied more than three and a half years. For a very long suffering people of Indonesia.

In Bali, the battle against the invaders of the most famous is, Puputan Badung. Captain I Gusti Ngurah Rai, who led an army against the Dutch colonialists. Battle of the time it claimed many victims. Battle until the last blood.

Currently, Indonesia has been independent. Many activities undertaken to commemorate Independence Day. In Bali, starting today, to commemorate the independence of Indonesia, began to prepare any celebrations will be held on 17 August. Pavement painting, installation of red and white flag, panataan city park, put flags on the vehicles, and many more preparations. Celebration of the independence of Indonesia in Bali, always lively. Many parades held in Bali to commemorate the independence of Indonesia. Indonesia's independence heroes are a boon to the country.

Annual routine, which is always held every August, is a contest march. This race is always followed by all schools. In addition to moving the road race, there is another race jug is very interesting and lively, that is, the race "panjat pinang". That is the race to climb nut trees, which is installed above a variety of prizes. Usually followed by the children.

In addition to these regular activities, each area in Bali also regularly hold cultural parade, a march for independence, and various parades to commemorate the heroes of the struggle against the invaders.