Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Erratic weather in Bali, at Bali this week's rain

Erratic weather in Bali, at Bali this week's rain
Weather in Bali, today's rain, the heat yesterday, tomorrow may be overcast. This weather is complained of by the Balinese. Especially by farmers. Weather in Bali is very uncertain. Sometimes rain, sometimes hot, not in season. Seasons have been uncertain. Things like this are very disturbing activities of the Balinese. Farmers confused what to do. Not only the Balinese, who complained, tourists will also be disrupted by the weather. Activities will be disrupted, especially for tourists who will enjoy the beauty of Bali, in the outdoors. Also for fans of surfing, cycling, diving, and more. They must be very disturbed by this situation. What can make, we can not forecast the weather.

Bali weather conditions in these uncertain, occur when the issue of global warming. Can be attributed to global warming. Usually the summer rainy season and come on a regular basis in a given month. However, the current becomes erratic. Maybe this world is affected by global climate. Such as global warming. Changes in wind direction and air temperature changes, resulting in changes in the weather. This effect is very influential with the weather in Bali.

Unrest is also strongly felt by farmers, due to the weather in Bali is erratic, confused them what to do. They sometimes confuse what should be planted in his field. Because the types of crops planted in fields, is determined by weather conditions in Bali. If you plant rice, fear the rain come and soak their rice. Or maybe the hot weather is going to happen, so they plant drought no water.

weather in Bali this week's rainWeather like this in Bali, also greatly affect the condition of the bodies of Balinese. The body is adjusting to the environment of confusion. Thus, the body is not ready to accept the uncertain weather conditions in Bali. The most common disorders suffered by the people of Bali today is cold and indigestion. Progression of the disease is largely determined by weather conditions.

Bali weather in this chaotic, can be overcome if people do not cut down trees in the forest. Because the forest is to control the temperature of the earth. If we as human beings preserving the forests, the earth will be very comfortable place to live.