Monday, July 16, 2012

Decrease of Hindus in Bali

Decrease of Hindus in Bali
Decrease in the number of people who are Hindus in Bali, is closely associated with economic development in Bali. The existence of Hindu religion in Bali, had begun to develop since 1920. Before the Hindu religion, the ancient Balinese beliefs or dynamism, namely the belief in the existence of ancestral spirits, from their parents are already dead. But since the arrival of priests who spread the teachings of Hinduism, since that is integrated from the dynamism of the Hindu faith. Until recently it was still teaching in the guard.

Currently the number of people are Hindus in Bali, has decreased 10%, from 1990, the number of Hindus in Bali is 95%. Thus, the current number of Hindus in Bali there are about 80% of the total head total population of Bali. Decrease in the number of Hindus in Bali is not due to conversion. But more because the number of migrants from Java who are higher than Hindu. This is regardless of the economy in Bali are more advanced, is associated with tourism industry in Bali that is getting better. Decrease in the number of Hindus in Bali are also caused by the birth of the Hindus in Bali are very few, compared to the number of births of people other than Hindu. This incident is very worrying, because it will relate to the preservation of the culture in Bali.

Hindus in Bali are very obedient to government regulations. Such as regulation of the government suggested that a family only to have children no more than two children. However, the majority religion in Indonesia, not running the government instruction. Indonesia's population, resulting in more and more.

Innocence of the Bali also strongly associated with the presence of the Hindus in Bali. Because so innocent people of Bali, they do not realize that they are oppressed, and deprived of his position. In their own areas, the migrants from outside Bali, dare to take the land and the realm of England, made ​​as a residence. Not rare Balinese anatara conflict with the settlers. As happened in Kuta, the settlers deliberately dwell in the land of Bali without the permission of landowners.

I hope whoever reads this opinion, to participate consciously preserve the Balinese culture, and continuity of Balinese Hinduism is unique and very different from the Hindus in other countries. In order for cultural preservation in Bali are not extinct, along with the changing times and demands of today's economy. Indeed, many foreigners who come to Bali, helping to preserve the culture in Bali. But that will not be enough, if not all preserve the Balinese culture, particularly the presence of Hindus in Bali.