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Balinese wedding ceremony, the meaning of marriage for Hindus in Bali

Balinese wedding ceremony has a purpose in life is called Catur Purusa Artha, namely Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksa. It can not be realized all at once, but gradually. To establish a marriage for people of Bali, has many stages and preparation. Balinese wedding ceremony must be performed in accordance with the correct phase. In the preparation phase, a person who will enter the stage of marriage, in desperate need of guidance, in order to run a successful marriage, or minimize the obstacles that may arise. Guidance will be very good, if given by a person skilled in the Hindu religion, especially regarding the duties and obligations of a husband and wife, to be independent in realizing the goal of life, a purpose in life based on kindness. That's the purpose of marriage to the Balinese.

Marriage to the Balinese, is essentially a good, to give opportunity to the ancestors, to blossom again, in order to repair the damage later in life the past. Of this number all living beings, are born as humans, can do good or bad. As for removing the bad deeds into good deeds, it is a benefit to be human.

Besides aiming to bring together two human, marriage for the Balinese aim to give birth to children, descendants continue, and nurture it lovingly, really a good deed and dedication to the ancestors. Moreover if the child can be nurtured and educated to be good human beings, would constitute an act exceeding one hundred yadnya, as mentioned in the Vedas.

Marriages of Hindus in Bali, is a sacred, and sacred, and therefore at the time of the Vedas, the marriage is determined by a priest, who was able to see clearly, beyond the spiritual vision, which will be mated pair. With a view of a pastor, or not fitting a suitable bride and groom, will be seen clearly.

Couples who do not fit (spiritually), it is recommended to cancel the marriage plans, because it can definitely be fatal to both families concerned. After the time of Dharma Sastra, the couple no longer be met by a priest, but by the king, or the elderly bridegroom, taking into account the mundane, such as maintaining the dignity of the family, consideration of wealth, beauty, and others. When this began the decline of spiritual values ​​as a basis for consideration of a marriage in Bali.

Currently, to get to a wedding for the Balinese, the role of parents is not so dominant in determining mate for their child. Young people now usually define their own soul mate. Mate determination by yourself it is very dependent on the level of their ability to mate. But it seems more determined by worldly considerations, such as physical beauty, the degree of family, economic and social measures, and not the spiritual degrees.

A legal marriage for people of Bali, is a lawful religion respectively. Thus, for Hindus in Bali, through the religious ceremony called "Mekala-kalaan", usually led by a priest. The wedding ceremony was held at the home page, because it is the central point of the power of "Kala Bhucari", as ruler of the housing. Makala-kalaan derived from the word "kala" which means energy. Thus, the wedding couple in Bali, is said to have conducted a marriage valid if the procession had undergone the ceremony of "Mekala-kalaan". Mekala-kalaan meaning of the ceremony as the legalization of marriage the bride and groom, through a process of purification, while the second contained the seeds purify the bride, a groom of the spermatozoa and ova of the bride.

Balinese wedding ceremony

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