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About the island of Boracay, the Philippines, as a competitor of the island of Bali, Indonesia

About the island of Boracay, the Philippines, as a competitor of the island of Bali, Indonesia
For those who do not know the island of Boracay, Boracay is an island in the Philippines. The island is located 315 km from Manila, the Philippine capital, on the southern island of Luzon, and is part of the province of Aklan. To go to Boracay, the path must be long enough. From Manila, using a small plane, to the town of Kalibo, on Panay Island, for 45 minutes. From there continue by bus for 2 hours to the port of Caticlan. On arrival at the port of Caticlan, then crossed to the island of Boracay, for 20 minutes. In 1990, Boracay was chosen as one of the best beaches in the world, by the BMW Tropical Beach Handbook. The island is also selected by TV Quick, as the best tropical beaches in the world, in 1996.

The island of Boracay in the Philippines is a haven for the heat of the sun and the beach worshipers around the world. The beach has a friendly wave, and a paradise for lovers of marine life. This island including the famous tourist destination, as it has a beach with white sand and clean. Boracay has two main beaches, is Bulabog Beach and White Beach. If in Boracay has Bulabog Beach and White Beach, Bali also has a beach of Kuta, Sanur beach, Padang-padang beach, Seminyak beach, and many beautiful beaches in Bali which will not be less interesting to those in Boracay. Maybe that makes the beaches in Bali less interesting to the beach in Boracay is that the beach in Bali is very dense with tourists. So crowded. That's because the beaches in Bali are very attractive to tourists, and certainly no less interesting to the beach in Boracay.

Also what makes this island so attractive is that tourists will not only get a classy hotel, but also cheap lodging. However, in Bali there are many cheap hotels and classy. In fact not only hotel, villa in Bali can also be obtained. Boracay is located right in the middle of the Philippine archipelago, making this beach is choppy. But when compared with in Bali, which has many types of beaches, beaches with huge waves, waves to the beach with a very calm, certainly no less varied with beaches located in Boracay. However, in certain seasons, the winds that blow to the beach in Boracay is very suitable as a location for windsurfing or kiteboarding. Boracay as a museum for all the beauty of Philippine marine life that was already famous in the world. Paradise for lovers of snorkeling, diving (scuba or cliff), etc.. This place is also a perfect escape for tourists who just want to enjoy the peace of the beach breeze. Perhaps for that reason, the island of Boracay is the best choice as the best island, Bali island which beat two ranked. But it must be known, in Bali there is also a very beautiful island, Nusa Lembongan, which has the beauty of marine life and coral reef biodiversity, which would not be less interesting to Boracay.

Tourists from the narrative of Bulabog Beach, the beach is likely to slow. Very few tourists are sunbathing or activities at sea, only a few local children are busy playing and a few young men who love to swim. That atmosphere is obtained when the tourists are in Bulabog Beach. Quiet and peaceful, with Bulabog Beach sand is white and smooth, calm sea water, and there is also drifting seaweed water, may be very pleasant for tourists. If likened to Bali, it's the same situation with Seminyak beach.

The second beach in Boracay is White Beach. This beach is crowded center on the island of Boracay. On this beach there are plenty of dining and lodging, ranging from simple, to the exclusive. There is also a post office, tourist information centers, nightclubs, and also a gift shop. Here the atmosphere is clearly different from the Bulabog Beach. If likened to Bali, then the White beaches, together with the Kuta beach in Bali. White Beach is divided into three areas as Station 1, 2 and 3. Station 1 contained more prestigious hotels such as Mandarin Hotel. Meanwhile, Station 2 is the heart of the island where there are many night spots. Meanwhile, Station 3 has a lot of the cheaper accommodation backpacker style.

Just north of the island there is a Puka Beach. It's a name for Puka shells, which can be found on the beach. Puka beach sand is very coarse in comparison with the existing sand on other beaches. Puka shells due to debris that are in there. Puka is the second longest beach in Boracay, and is still relatively empty, without resort by the beach and several restaurants. Boracay's main road ends at Puka Beach. To get there, take about 10 or 15 minutes, from the White Beach.

Boracay is perhaps the tourist zone of pimped-out, but there is every reason to remain as the top ranking among the many trips. Because the beauty of this island, may be the cause of the defeat of the island of Bali, the island's best tourist destination, the version of Travel + Leisure magazine, which conducted a survey of their readers. Boracay was ranked fourth in a similar nomination last year. Now he gained 93.10 points and the successful shift of Bali, the second rank. Sequentially, the position of the most beautiful island in the world is: Boracay, Philippines (93.10); Bali, Indonesia (90.41), Galapagos, Ecuador (89.55), Maui, Hawaii (89.53); Great Barrier Reef Islands , Australia (89.28), Santorini, Greece (89.20), Kauai, Hawaii (89.09), Big Island, Hawaii (87.95); Sicily, Italy (87.87), and Vancouver Island, British Columbia (87.48).

Award conferred on July 19, which will be chaired by the vice president of Travel + Leisure magazine, Jean-Paul Kyrillos in Conrad, New York.

Information obtained from various sources.