Tuesday, February 14, 2012

About BaliOrti.com

Gus Ngurah - Bali Orti Admin
Hi, I am Gus Ngurah, from Bali. I was born and lived in Bali. In this blog I try to tell you my experience to your stay in Bali, especially to tourists. With the English language that is not so good, I'll try to convey all my thoughts to you.

Bali Orti, Orti said means news, talk, conversation, it could also mean the issue. So, Bali Orti, for me is talk, news, issues, and other information that is often talked about by people in Bali at that time. And I will deliver to you via this blog. So that you know everything that happened in Bali, not only from the bright side, but also from the bad side as well.

Maybe some of the contents of this blog is an opinion. Opinion comes from many sources, and also the opinion of my own.

Hopefully all the contents of this blog can be beneficial to you.

Bali Orti admin
Gus Ngurah