Sunday, June 24, 2012

There are two crime scenes, murder Mark Ovenden

Joint team of Police Criminal Bali, Denpasar Police and Police North Kuta, still continues to conduct an investigation, the death of Australian citizens, named Mark Richard Ovenden (35). Based on the results of Sanglah Hospital, the victim's death was allegedly due to be killed. However, investigators do not know who the perpetrators of these murders, and is still doing a search.

Police have difficulty in conducting the investigation. Therefore, the victim's body found in bushes, the former quarry C, in Banjar Kaja Jati, Kutuh, South Kuta, Badung, allegedly as a second crime scene. Allegedly, Mark Ovenden killed elsewhere, or the first crime scene. Investigators trace the crime scene, in which the victim was first executed.

Revealing this, investigators are continuing to search. The witnesses were examined, of which Mark Ovenden killed. Mark Ovenden killed in other places, from where the body was found.

Mark Ovenden offender suspected killer of more than one person. Seen from a wound in the victim's body. Victim suffered a chest contusion and strangulation marks around his neck there.

Investigators said there were 12 witnesses were examined. However, investigators have speculated, whether the victim was killed or how. Therefore, the bodies of Mark Ovenden's autopsy results have not come out, so do not dare to ascertain whether the victim was killed or how.