Thursday, June 28, 2012


Seminyak sunset

Seminyak, Bali, located in the south of Bali. Seminyak is one of the best beaches in Bali. One of the most beautiful scenery in the Seminyak sunset beach, which is legendary in this beach. And enjoy a soothing landscape.

On Seminyak beach, at certain times, you will be able to see the activities of Hindu religious ceremonies. Like, Melasti, Nganyud (cremation procession), Melukat, and so forth. Complete with gambelan, traditional Balinese music.

Seminyak beach is different from Kuta beach. If at Kuta beach is full of density and congestion, in contrast to Seminyak beach, Seminyak beach atmosphere is more calm, and comfortable. However, do not be denied that one day will be equal to the Seminyak beach of Kuta beach.

Around Seminyak beach, there are many villas and hotels, which would provide another setting comfortable. Tourists who want the peace of Seminyak beach is perfect to visit it.

You can swim with the family at the beach of Seminyak. Seminyak beach is gently sloping, with an extensive coastline. The waves are calmer than Kuta beach. The water is clean. Many tourists deliberately took his family to come to Seminyak beach, to swim and have fun.

Seminyak along the highway, there are many stores that sell a variety of daily needs of tourists. There are many bars, restaurants and cafes.

If you come on holiday to Bali, do not forget to visit Seminyak.