Sunday, June 24, 2012

Seminyak street, Bali, sparkling in the evening

Seminyak street, Bali, sparkling in the evening
The beauty of the street in Seminyak Bali, is not inferior to the streets of Kuta beach. street in Seminyak, Bali, at night, still packed with tourists. Clothing stores, jewelry, souvenirs, along with charming lights, decorate the street of Seminyak.

Navigate the street in Seminyak, at night, could give enlightenment and entertainment of the eye. Created sensation in the street of Seminyak, the observing window display, which remains vibrant in the evening, even though these stores are located at non-operational.

If you're walking down the street, and you need stuff everyday needs, or just looking for drinks and snacks for the preparation of the hotel, do not rush to buy at the mini market that exist along the way.

In addition to the arrangement of goods sold, and a specific theme, setting light to the most technical and decisive. How to set the amount of energy spent during the night, to keep the attractive storefront. The goal is that visitors through the street at night in Seminyak, interested and will be back tomorrow morning to Seminyak, to shop when stores are open again.

International influence, are felt in the style of window display shops in Seminyak, Bali because it has become one of the container for the citizens of the world of creativity. Products from local materials, arranged in a style more global.