Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sangeh, monkey village in Bali Indonesia

Sangeh, monkey village in Bali Indonesia

Sangeh located on the north Ubud, Gianyar regency, Bali, IndonesiaSangeh, is a natural tourist attractions, with thousands of monkeys. Because so many monkeys in Sangeh, so the people called by the name of the village of monkeys. 

Sangeh famous for in the village there are a lot of monkeys on the loose. Sangeh monkeys roam freely in, but there is also a very tame monkeys. The tame monkeys were on a hill, a hill with Bukit Sakti name. In Sangeh there is a temple, the temple is named PuraBukitSakti.

Bukit Sakti temple shrouded in moss green, being on the sidelines of nutmeg forest. On the back of the temple is a monument, carved a statue, the statue of Garuda. Which is a mystical bird in a story Samudramantana.

Samudramantana legend is told is looking for the water of life (Tirta Amertha) at the bottom of the ocean. Then, for services Samudramantana, rewarded with a mouthful of water of life by the god Vishnu. Garuda eventually become loyal vehicles god Vishnu.

Legend that circulated in the local community, about BukitSakti and monkeys who were there, we are told in ancient times, when Hanuman, a character in the Ramayana, mountain lift Mahameru. Some parts of this mountain fell in Sangeh, and since then monyrt reigned there.

Another story, why monkeys in Sangeh is, first daughter of work Mengwi, named Mayangsari, who are in love, fled into the woods near the kingdom. Daughter became a hermit. When imprisoned, daughter Mayangsari not wearing clothes, so it should wear long hair to cover her most forbidden. Mayangsari daughter failed to realize his dream, and then died mysteriously.