Thursday, June 7, 2012

The number of Hindus in Bali decreased

Hearing the name of Bali, it will be pictured with a small island, temples, beautiful beaches. Bali, always identified with the province whose population is largely Hindu religion. Hinduism in Bali is very unique. Because of its unique, Hindu Religion in Bali called Hindu Bali.

Hinduism in Bali is very different from the Hindus in India. Because the Hindus in Bali, is the incorporation of many sects / Hindu-based cult. At present, the Hindu community in Bali, of the total population of Bali, about 80%. Decreased by 10%, of the total in 1995. The decrease is very large place, and very worrying for the preservation of Hindu in Bali.

The decline happened not because of the Hindus who converted to another religion. But more due to the number of births is very little of the Hindu religion in Bali. The number of births less concern due to the expense of the Balinese have a baby.

Which is very worrying is the number of migrants from outside Bali. Mainly from the island of Java. They come to Bali to bring their family members, with the aim of finding a job. They live in a religion different from Hinduism. They gave birth to many children.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding environment. Because they think, that, many children a lot of luck. The impact of that is, the more pressure on sensitive native Balinese people, especially the Hindu religion. Hinduism in Bali is inseparable from the preservation of cultural preservation in Bali.

If the Hindu Bali disappears, then the lost culture of Bali are very unique.