Friday, June 22, 2012

Mastermind behind the Bali bombers, Hisham bin Ali Zein, aka Umar Patek, was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Mastermind behind the Bali bombers, Ali bin Hisham Zein, aka UmatPatek, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. However, the 20-year sentence was apparently disappointing Bali bomb victims. The judge declared, Umar Patek legally and convincingly, found guilty of criminal acts of terrorism, as prosecutors charged.

Wayan Sudiana, victims of the Bali bombings, said, when compared with their sufferings, the verdict is clearly not comparable. The verdict was too light, far from her mind, the hope, the perpetrators of acts of terror that ravaged the island of Bali in 2002 ago was sentenced to death.

Sudiana hope from the beginning, so that Umar Patek on trial in Bali. The aim is none other, so the judge could consider the victim's sense of justice. However, the request was not granted

In line with Sudiana, volunteers Bali bomb, H Bambang Priyanto, confirmed the verdict to Umar Patek is very disappointing. In fact, he asserts, the reward of 20 years in prison do not reflect the sense of justice victims who wish Umar Patek severely punished.

Bambang is one of the witnesses for the defendant Umar Patek. He delivered three things that the demands of the victims. The three components.

First, the events that led to 202 people were killed and 325 people suffered injuries and severe trauma, causing devastating effects of the difficulty to earn a livelihood due to a terrorist act.

Second, the expectations of the victims of the Bali bombings, Umar Patek so severely punished. The charges were considered to be reasonable considering the role of Umar Patek is also important to Imam Samudra and Amrozi.

Third, the act of Umar Patek cause suffering physically and spiritually, prolonged among the victims and their families.

He hoped that his testimony could be a consideration when the judge in deciding to consider the victim's sense of justice.

However, West Jakarta District Court, said Umar Patek guilty of criminal actions and reward with 20 years in prison alone. The verdict was lighter than the demands of the Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) who demanded a life sentence.

After listening to the judge, Umar Patek though silent, he could only bow their heads, while accepting the decision of the judges who read Encep Yuliardi.

After the judge gave him the opportunity to discuss with legal counsel, Umar Patek was out of the chair, head over to his lawyers, Asludin Hatjani.

No more than three minutes, Patek deep in conversation with his attorney, in addressing the judge, until finally taken a decision, to exercise the right to think about it for seven days.

When the sentence was too severe, it will immediately file an appeal next week. Umar Patek want to listen to the advice of the family.

Asludin explain, in consultation, Umar Patek expressed his sadness, because of its openness has been rewarded with a maximum prison sentence.

Umar Patek after the trial, directly led by Detachment 88, into the cellar, to be brought back to RutanMakoBrimob, serving a prison. He kept so tight, even though reporters convey a variety of questions, but he was silent, bowing his head.