Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kuta Bali

Kuta, is a district in Bali, located in Badung regency. Kuta is a tourist destination is very popular in Bali. Even so known to the outside of the country.

Long ago, Kuta is a fishing village in Bali. Along with the times, along with good views of Kuta beach, with white sand, this time, Kuta has become the world's favorite tourist destination.

Now, the Kuta area has developed into an icon of tourism in Bali, and even become an icon of tourism for Indonesia. In fact, the Kuta area seems to be a second country for tourists. Because, which meets every corner in Kuta, is the foreign tourists.

Every street in Kuta is full of vehicles. Congestion in Kuta has become a very common thing in there. On every street in Kuta, there are shopping malls, bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and various falisitas and accommodation for tourists.

Every tourist who comes to Bali, it would not be complete if it is not been to Kuta Bali. In fact, because so famous Kuta, Bali makes the name less known by the name of Kuta.

The most preferred places of Kuta, the Kuta beach. Kuta beach has white sand. The big waves at Kuta beach, a favorite surfing spot for tourists. Many sporting surfing sports are held in Kuta. National and international sporting often held at Kuta beach.

On October 2002 in Kuta bomb shocks have occurred precisely at Paddy's café, then here Ground Zero monument built to commemorate the tragedy that left more than 300 people were killed when the majority of the citizens of Australia and Indonesia workers.