Friday, June 29, 2012

Jegog Bungbung, the most popular art in the PKB

Bali Arts Festival (Pesta Kesenia Bali/PKB), has lasted long enough. Many art performances have been demonstrated. Performing arts performances centered at the Art Center, Denpasar Bali. And various pamerenan crafts, festivities were held to fill the art show. Representatives from all districts in Bali, part Liven event in Denpasar Bali Arts Festival. Young artist to older artists join in this event. Art of music, dance, singing, and various types of art has been displayed.

Of so many arts that have been demonstrated, performing arts Joged Bungbung the most viewers. And arts Joged Bungbung most sought by tourists. Because this art is really entertaining. Even the audience can join in this art show. Therefore, a dancer can dance accompanied by the audience who wanted to go dancing.

The excitement was palpable in the performing arts Jogeg Bungbung. Fun and excitement can be seen from the audience and dancers. Because this dance is really fun and entertaining. Sometimes funny actions of pengibing make the audience laugh.