Friday, June 15, 2012

How many temples in Bali Indonesia?

Bali is known as an island with thousands of pura/temples. Bali is also known as the island of the gods. Most of the people of Bali are Hindus. Temple in Bali is unique.

Pura/temple in Bali, is where the worship of God, the Spirit Ancestors, and the spirit of the inhabitants of the universe, in Bali Indonesia. There are many types of temples in Bali. The difference depends on the purpose of worship. In general, there are four types of temples in Bali. Kawitan Temple, Swagina Temple, Kahyangan Tiga Temple and Kahyangan Jagat Temple.

So, how many number of temples in Bali? Temple in Bali, overall, a total of 6002 temples.

Number of Kahyangan Tiga Temples in Bali there are 4356 temples. There Kahyangan Jadat Temple number 723 temples, and  Kawitan Temple / Swagina Temple 923 temples there.