Thursday, June 21, 2012

Genesis sucks, you may be experiencing, as an excursion to Sangeh, Bali Indonesia

Genesis sucks, you may be experiencing, as an excursion to Sangeh, Gianyar, Bali IndonesiaSangeh is home to thousands of monkeys. Centered on a on a hill, named BukitSari. BukitSari is a forest with old trees and tall. In the forest there is a temple. Pura was named Pura Bukit Sari.

Pura Bukit Sari is a gathering place for the monkeys in Sangeh. There is a wild monkey, but not the least tame monkeys.

Really you visit Sangeh, especially in the center of the gathering of monkeys, which in PuraBuktiSari, things might be annoying that you had there is a disturbance of the monkeys.

Interference in monkeys Sangeh to the tourists usually are:

- Monkeys seized the luggage of tourists. The most frequently stolen items are food, beverages, camera, hat, sunglasses. So, make sure your luggage properly taken. It would be better if it did not take anything there.
- Monkey perched on your shoulder and head. Because the monkeys feel you bring food to him.
- Your clothes torn down by a monkey. Monkey was no food in your clothes.
- You are the monkey paws. Monkey you feel bothered. So act calmly while being there.
- Bite you in the monkey. This is the thing most feared by anyone. But the incident was bitten by a monkey has never happened in Sangeh.

Those were the things which you may experience when traveling to Sangeh, Gianyar Bali Indonesia.