Friday, June 8, 2012

Choice of the people of Bali, between reality and maintain the culture

Balinese culture was very popular in foreign countries, because of the uniqueness, sustainability, and arts. Almost all life on Bali is inseparable from cultural and religious considerations.

The Balinese, from waking in the morning to sleep at night, not apart from thought to live in accordance with the traditions and religion. Shower, eat, work, socially, to sleep. Because, if not in accordance with the traditions and religion, Balinese fear will happen imbalance in their lives. Like getting a disaster, fortune is not smooth, the curse of the ancestors, and so forth. That's what makes the tradition and culture in Bali to stay awake until now.

However, amid the current development era. The population is increasing rapidly, the more narrow space, the social life that turns into a life of material, making the Balinese have to choose, whether to keep the tradition of keeping notes, or keep up with changing times.