Monday, May 21, 2012

Tips religious tourism in Bali so smoothly

People say Bali is the island of the gods. People say Bali is an island of thousand temples. And people say in Bali there are many shrines and sacred places.

If you are traveling to Bali with the aim of visiting the shrine / temple in Penang, use decent clothes.

When entered the temple area, you should use a cloth covering the lower body (Bali: kamben), waist tied with a scarf (Bali: senteng). If you do not wear the cloth, you certainly will not be allowed into the sacred temple area. And will be even better if you also wear a headband (Bali: destar/udeng).

At the time of conducting religious temple (temple ceremony), the Balinese call Odalan, you should wear traditional Balinese to worship. Balinese traditional clothes for prayer, usually dominated by white and yellow. If you have to wear clothes like that, you will be allowed to enter the holy temple area and mingle in the prayers. If you are not wearing these clothes, you likely will not be allowed to enter the holy temple area.

Balinese traditional clothes for prayer
Balinese traditional clothes for prayer