Thursday, May 3, 2012

Balinese girl dressed in traditional Balinese

Balinese Girls traditional dresses. There are a variety of types, patterns, colors, and sizes. And the model was always to follow the trends and changing times. From the simple to the kind of luxury. From low price to very expensive.

Balinese  Girls, when dressed in traditional Balinese, so it looks pretty, graceful, and beautiful. Balinese girl, very beautiful, like a fairy that fell from the sky.

Balinese traditional dresses used to adjust the situation and cultural activities that followed. Each of the activities of different types of used clothing.

Traditional clothing for the temple is usually very simple, with a blend of white and yellow, but there are also other colors. But the white and yellow color is highly recommended to the temple.

Traditional clothes for weddings are usually very large and luxurious. With beautiful patterns and motifs, golden color, and a great price.

Balinese girls beautiful and graceful, if dressed in traditional Balinese.