Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Pajegan is a range of different types of fruit and cookie trays are stacked up high above. Made with tidy, and decorated with leaf and flower, so it looks beautiful.

Pajegan made ​​for the purpose of offering to the gods, the expression of gratitude from the abundance of a given crop.

Pajegan formerly made ​​from fruits obtained from its own garden. Any kind of fruit it. But now times have changed. Pajegan made ​​of imported fruit. In fact the real purpose for the creation of pajegan own natural love bali. By using local fruit, people unconsciously maintain their natural bali.

Type of fruit that must exist in pajegan is a banana. Because the fruit is the fruit of maternal separation. That's because humans have been eating bananas since birth.

Pajegan species vary, depending on its usefulness. High pajegan was varied.

May the tradition of making pajegan survive.