Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Farm boy wanted to be a cop, a farmer sells his farm.

In Indonesia work so hard to come by. Poverty found in almost all regions in Indonesia. Including in Bali.

Most of the Balinese people work as farmers. Formerly the farmers so victorious. But now the farmers have suffered. Poverty even hit them. Debts piled up. Agricultural fertilizer prices more expensive. Make farmers increasingly desperate. To pay for school children was very difficult.

Corruption, kosuli, and nepotism are very high in Indonesia. In nearly all areas of the evil practice of applying. Also in the police. Corruption are felt there. Even the police occupied the highest level in Indonesia in terms of corruption.

To be able to enter the police education is very difficult. In addition to rigorous tests, the dihapkan should apply to the practice of corruption. It was common in Bali, if a cop is expensive. No need to clever. What is needed is a lot of money. In order to pass the test.

Many farmers guiding their children to be police. As a result of desperation. They also sell his farm to his son to become a policeman.