Monday, April 2, 2012

Balinese Culture - The Balinese Cockfight: Adverse effects for cockfighting hobbyist

Balinese cockfight (Tajen) is an activity in order to compare the two roosters fight each other and to get a winner chicken, which is often held in Bali. Balinese cockfight events regularly held in Bali, and lasted nearly every day. Usually held in the afternoon from 3 pm to 6 pm. Balinese cockfight is identical to the elements of gambling. Even the Balinese cockfight activities can lead to addiction which is in the hobbyist who loves cock fights.

Because the Balinese cockfight activity is synonymous with gambling, has many members of gamblers, so much money at stake in this gambling. Balinese cockfight gambling is very organized. And also a mandatory target for the police. Balinese cockfight gambling conducted in secret and moved around so as not easily known by the police. It has been very often cockfight gamblers arrested by police, but this activity persists, even by a gambler who ever been arrested.

Many adverse effects that may result from this cockfight gambling. The main adverse effects is addiction and stress. Other effects are also very bad is the poverty, crime, family breakdown, and many other social impacts.

Poverty impact of Balinese cockfight gambling. Gambling need money earned from work. Because a lot of money at stake in gambling, so much money out. And to fulfill their daily needs no money. Eventually sold the home and fields to obtain new money. And they fall into poverty. Once they are poor, the stress was struck. Family quarrels can not be inevitable. Family breakdown was experienced by a cockfight gamblers.

Activities that are routinely performed by a cockfight gamblers is the activity of caring for a pet chicken from morning to evening. Until they lost track of time to work. Do not care about their wives and children.

Balinese cockfight hereditarily bequeathed to posterity. The positives and negatives of cockfight gambling activities. And this has become a tradition and entrenched in Bali.

Things like that are very common among gamblers cockfighting. And occurs over and over again. As a result of the effects of addiction to Balinese cockfighting.