Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Terrorists threaten Bali again, Sunday night five terrorists were shot dead by police

Police shot dead five suspected members of terrorist on Sunday night at 20:30 in Bali. Police secure the firearms evidence from the scene type FN. Confiscated two guns fire type FN, 2 magazene and amounted to 48 grain bullet caliber 9 millimeter and a face cover.

Raids carried out in two places in the region of Jl. Gunung Soputan and Jl. Danau Poso.

5 men suspected terrorist network was shot dead in Bali. They want to commit robbery in PT Bali Money Changer Jl.Sriwijaya Kuta and Jl Uluwatu Jimbaran gold store.

5 Actors who killed the HN (32) from Bandung who is a fugitive robbery CIMB Medan, AG (30) citizens of Jimbaran. Both were captured in the Jl. Gunung Soputan while three other people that UH alias Kapten, Dd (27) from Bandung, and the alias Abu Hanif M (30) Makasar origin they were ambushed in the Jl. Danau Poso.

Terrorist group who was shot dead in the bungalow is a terrorist group Medan. This terrorist group came to Bali specifically commit robbery to fund terrorism.