Monday, March 26, 2012


There is a unique tradition in Bali that took place after the day of Nyepi, the tradition of omed-omedan. This tradition is only found in the village of Sesetan, Denpasar, Bali. This ceremony (Omed-omedan) is traditional heritage, for young woman and man, under 17 to 30 years old and still single can joint in this ceremony for them to get their love mate.

Many people misunderstand that traditions is a tradition of mass kiss. Omed-omedan derived from the word omed meaning pull. So omed-omedan means mutual attraction.

The procession begins with worship at the Banjar temple. All participants omed-omedan begged permission to be granted to the ancestors of safety. After that omed-omedan began.

Omed-omedan tradition originally only take place in Puri area (area of kingdom) only. Omedo-medan tradition never stopped. However, when the tradition omed-omedan terminated, the plague struck the village. Many strange things popping up. Like a pig who suddenly kissing each other in the village street. Then, the omed-omedan tradition be held again.

There are two groups of young men who will hold omed-omedan. Groups of male and female groups. The others lined dibelakan to encourage their representatives. When the representative men and women collide, they embrace each other to kiss each other. They were doused with water to prevent injuries caused by rubbing together.