Friday, March 9, 2012

Ogoh-ogoh - Parade on March 22, 2012 - Bali

The day before the last day of Nyepi, the Balinese carry out activities "pangrupukan". Ogoh-ogoh is a manifestation of a giant statue made ​​by the creators imagination as a symbol of evil (Bhuta Kala). In the embodiment of the statue in question, Bhuta Kala portrayed as large and frightening, usually in the form of Rakshasa. At present embodiment ogoh-ogoh has begun to develop.

Made before the Nyepi Day and paraded around the village abuzz Pangrupukan at dusk, the day before Nyepi.

This year, Nyepi falls on March 23, 2012, so that the activities of ogoh-ogoh parade took place on March 22, 2012, and held in the afternoon until evening.

Ogoh-ogoh made ​​by the village youth associations. Each village at least there are 4 groups of youth. Each group can make more than one ogoh-ogoh, depending on how large the number of members of each group.

In parading ogoh-ogoh is always accompanied by traditional music. Ogoh-ogoh will toss in every street. Not infrequently each group fights occur if ogoh-ogoh their clashing and colliding.

The process of making ogoh ogoh