Saturday, March 24, 2012

Melasti on March 20 ago

Melasti in Bali on March 20, which then held on when it rains. Although rain is very heavy at that time, but straight as Hindus in Bali to implement it with full of wisdom. Society came to the temple to pick up and bring the Tapakan Ida Bahatara (sacred symbols of the gods) to be carried to the beach where Melasti activities take place.

Arriving at the beach, all the villages in each district get together to blend together. Activities will purge the sacred symbols of the god was carried out by sprinkling holy water taken from the sea. People who came were dipercikan holy water to cleanse themselves of impurities and negative energy in order to meet the Nyepi Day which will take place.

The following can be shown some pictures of activities that took place in Melaya.